Epilogue: Stay Beautiful

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And here we are, my lovely readers, the very last chapter. Before you read on and I...get off the internet, I'd just like to say a big THANK YOU for reading, voting, and commenting. It really meant a lot. <3

Through the highest window overlooking a scene that was a little too familiar, that was like a warm memory tickling down her spine and flashing inside her veins, Hermione watched with nostalgia  every movement that happened below.

Her brilliant mind pondered over the never-ending subject of fate, of destiny, and how nothing that was going on could've happened if it wasn't for a Marriage Law that brought them all together more than fifteen years ago.

"Oi, oi!" Exiting the backdoor of the house, Angelo Zabini marched angrily to a couple a few yards away with two little figures following after his steps. "What do you think you're doing, mate?"

Furrowing his brows, Fred Weasley looked between the raging boy and the girl rolling her bright green eyes. "I was just helping—"

"Oh, I'm sure you were," Zabini snapped at him. But quickly sensing the daggers being thrown at him by the witch next to Weasley, Angelo turned his glare at her. "And you! Isn't there a room inside the bloody house that you can change in?"

"The zipper of my dress wasn't fully up, Angelo, and Fred was just helping me," Savanna hissed, crossing her arms over her chest as her brother snorted. "Besides, if I wanted to take off my dress and expose myself to Fred, I would do it somewhere more privately, don't you think?"

At that, both brother and boyfriend to Savanna looked equally taken aback.

"I...erm," Fred coughed, clearing his throat and taking a step back as Zabini's tanned cheeks started turning red from bubbled outraged.

"Are you running your manky fingers over my sister, Weasel?" Having the guts to take a step closer to the older boy, Zabini made sure Fred could see his fingers twitching to his pocket. "Because if you are, I will make sure—"

"Angelo, you dropped your wand in the dining room." Molly Weasley II marched over to him, twirling his wand between her fingers like it was a baton. "Got to be a little more careful, sweetie."

"Sweetie," Fred chuckled, repeating the little pet-name his cousin had just thrown at Zabini as they all forgot his previous tantrum. Which was ultimately good for him because he didn't need Zabini making a spectacle, especially since his Gran was hanging about somewhere. She'd already gone mental when someone had let it slip that Victoire and Teddy showered together (something that James and he had or hadn't made up the moment Lupin refused to share his Firewhiskey).

"Shut it," Zabini retorted, his fingers lacing themselves with Molly's. "I've overheard Savanna's gushy conversations about you — Pumpkinpop."

 Fred felt his ears turn red as he silenced himself instantly, throwing a complaining look at his girlfriend.

Just as she was about to make amends for herself — because she does remember acting like a head-over-heels witch when her Grandmother Chang asked her about her boyfriend — Savanna noticed her parents enter the garden, her mother looking especially infuriated.

"Oh, there you are."

"Here I am, Mummy!"

Narrowing her eyes at her son, Cho walked past him to the two small figures sitting on the grass half paying attention to the teenagers and half playing with the ladybugs on the blades of grass.

"Didn't I tell you to take care of him, Angelo?" Cho scowled, bending down and grabbing the boy and dusting him off.

At the frustration in his mother's eyes, Angelo hid behind his redheaded almost-girlfriend (they were dating at this point, Angelo wasn't sure if the relationship thing was for him. He really was a bachelor and needed to keep his options open—not that he'd tell Molly that. She would kill him). "Demi was taking care of him."

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