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Y/N P.O.V:

"You have beautiful eyes, why do you hide them?" I asked as his face became redder than a tomato, i let out of him as i saw him gulp.

"C-Can i a-ask you s-something?" he stuttered like always.

"Sure!" I smiled.

"W-Why did you choose to w-work with m-me?" He pursed his lips as he looked down, i didn't know what to say.

"Because i wanna know you more!" I said.

"I think that people make fun of you for nothing. You are smart, sweet, adorable, calm, cute and more. I hope we can be friends someday!" I smiled as i saw him blushing at my compliments.

"T-Thank you n-noona..." He bit his lips shyly.

"Jungkook..." I started, he lifted his head dumbfounded.

"Do you know Jimin?" I raised my brow.

"N-No..." He said innocently, his expression was so innocent that you wouldn't even guess he was lying.

"Oh okay, let's start working shouldn't we?" I changed the topic, he nodded.


Y/N P.O.V:

"Woah! Your drawing skills are really something in the next level little child!" I said amazed making him chuckle cutely. We decided to draw a black flower, what a coincidence... (Drawing below):

I am the one that actually suggested this idea since you know, i'm kind of proud to be from such a rare kind

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I am the one that actually suggested this idea since you know, i'm kind of proud to be from such a rare kind. He liked my suggesting and decided to do it.

I drew the plan of the flower and he added the shadows and details to the flower, we were both good at drawing so it turned out beautiful.

"It's really beautiful Jungkook oh my lord! Those hands of yours are magical! Or, is that the pen your drawing with is the magic?" I exclaimed with shookness washing all over my faceu making him laugh softly.

"Yah! What are you laughing at?" I hit his arm gently making him stop laughing and look back at the drawing.

"S-Sorry..." He apologized.

"Yah! I was just joking! It's cute seeing you laugh! Come on! Show me those bunny teeth of yours!" I said and he looked at me blushing.

I took the chance as i pulled his chubby cheeks gently making a weird smile get drawn on his small lips that were now being pulled from both sides.

"Like this!" I laughed at his funny face.

"Noona!" He let out a whining sound as i let out of his cheeks, something touches my heart when he calls me noona.

"Anyways, we are getting an A on this project that's for sure!" I said clapping my hands multiple times. He saw him smiling with the corner of my eye.

As more seconds are passing, i feel like it becomes less awkward between us too, i'm sure he won't be this shy if we spend more time together.

"I gotta go now, it's getting pretty late and my mom will get worried if i don't come home soon" He said as he got up.

I nodded and made him follow me to the door, i saw his eyes land on my necklace making me mentally face palm as i remembered what Taehyung told me about yesterday.

We were at the door and he looked at me and was about to wave me 'Goodbye' When i didn't feel myself till hugging him.

"Oh" A soft gasp left his lips as he hesitantly hugged me back.

"Take care little child! If someone touches you call meh!" I said as i pulled his phone from his pocket. I added my number in his contacts before handing it back to him.

"Thank you" He smiled sweetly. I could hear my heart screaming.

"Now stop being cute and go before it gets dark" I ruffled his hair playfully as he started blushing like always.

"Bye noona!" he waved before he turned walking slowly watching his figure disappear in the now dark street.

You could feel that here was something off about him, but you liked it, you liked seeing him pursing and biting his lips, you liked seeing him blush and look down, you even liked hearing him lie.

You felt your heart was falling more for him by each second you spent together and you can't doubt that he really makes your heart beat abnormally.

The only question that was on your mind right now was 'why is he hiding his eyes?'.

You just shrugged it off and closed the door as you entered your house.

Thats when you got greeted by Taehyung's face making you gasp then hold your chest. He chuckled.

"How was your date?" He asked.

"Date? Woho you should calm your nipples." I said.

"It looks like you like him..." Taehyung smirked.

I just ignored him making my way to the sofa and sitting my ass down turning the TV on acting like i didn't hear anything.

"Anyways, i forgot to ask you something" I said changing the topic.

"I see you trying to change the topic? What do you wanna ask?" He smirked as he sat on the sofa next to me.

"If my mom was an angel, how can they kill her? Aren't an angel a peaceful already dead person?" I asked.

"Kind of, but that doesn't mean we can't die, if you are an angel and you get killed, you'll get back to stage 1 in heaven and it will take you years and years to get to stage 5 which is the the stage where you can leave heaven and enter it like you want" He said making me make a 'I-now-understand-you' sound from my throat.

"And the demons?" I raised my brow.

"Demons are a whole different thing, like you know, demons are a dead bad person or more like a person that made a mistake in her life. But what you don't know is that, if you are a dead bad person that doesn't necessarily make you a demon, it's based on what mistake you made when you was a human, as bad as the mistake you made, as there's more chances for you to be a demon." He said, i turned off the TV as i was too concentrated on what he was saying.

"When a demon dies, he turns into dust, he will never survive again, n'or even survive in hell." He added.

"Woah! And how does a demon look like?" I asked curiously.

"There are many types of demons but for a normal demon, he is normally very pale, as paler as the demon will be, as bad and dangerous he is. Also, they normally have yellow eyes, but professional demons usually have blue eyes." he said, i was really amazed.

"Their eyes turn red whenever they smell blood or when they have a sexual desire, for example if a girl is on her period and passes by a demon, his eyes will become red. That's why all demons usually wear glasses or contact lenses, they sometimes even wear both of them, their eyes color can change in any second and they can't risk someone finding out who they are." He said as he got out a lollipop out of his shirt.

"This is so complicated" I whined as my head starting to get dizzy yet still curious to know more.

"What do they eat?" I asked.

"Good question kiddo, demons don't eat, they just drink, if a demon eats something he will puke it in that very moment and it can cause problems to his throat, food for them is toxic, that's why they got no life." He said sucking on the lollipop.

That's when everything hit me.

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