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You pull the trigger

The metal cool against your head

Think of the people

Who'll miss you when you're dead

The blade so sharp

You press it to your wrist

Ever think

Of how you'll be missed?

Pressure on your neck

The rope hangs from above

You feel alone

Lived without love

Jump from a building

Ten stories high

How did you do it

Did you ever tell them why?

Pills in your hand

Fist clenched so tight

You gave up

Forgot how to fight

A quick fix

Your ticket out

Nobody heard you

Or your silent shout

I'll give you the gun

And I'll give you the knife

If you're so eager

To end your life

The rope's on the table

The pills are there too

Go on and hate me

But I'll never hate you

I won't try to stop you

You've said all this before

I will not help you

Not anymore

Are you scared

Of what we think?

Soon your life will be over

All in a blink

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