I Told You So

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How does it feel,

To be left alone?

Knowing that she,

Will never come home.

Can I say I told you so?

Or would it hurt too much.

You trusted your instincts.

Depended on a hunch.

Took you for granted,

Is what she did.

Behind that smirk,

You know what she hid.

The lies and fake smiles,

Were all just a game.

As she climbed the ladder,

Of the social network frame.

I laughed when you told me,

I had known all along.

Waiting for you to find,

All the things she's done wrong.

Left you for another,

Is how you explained.

Wonder how she could leave,

With your expression so pained.

How can you be sure,

That she's worth all your tears?

Is it because she left you,

For one of your peers?

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