"Yes, your mate." She frowned. "You didn't know? When did this side of you get unlocked?"

"Last night." I whispered, trying to comprehend that Eli was a king. "So, Eli is king of what exactly?"

"Honey-" my dad started. "-he's the king of all incubi and succubi."  An overwhelming feeling came over me and I pressed my hands on my face. I didn't pay attention when my parents started whispering to each other and my dad got up, giving me a pitying look before leaving.

"Alice, I know this is very invasive, but I don't smell the king's scent on you. Why haven't you...well, you know..."

"Fucked?" I asked bluntly and my mom's face reddened. "He doesn't want to."

"He's smart. The minute you do, his scent will stick with you forever and you could be a target. But the downside is you will have to seek part of him somewhere else, but you will never be satisfied." My mom told me. "You will be drawn to any of his sexual partners, men and women, because your soul can recognize a part of him in them."

A bubble of laughter surprised me and my mom, but I couldn't stop laughing. I was drawn to Eli's boyfriends and sexual partners because my soul felt him in them?

"What's so funny?"

I took a deep breath, chuckling. "He's such an idiot. He literally can't get mad at me for fucking any of his partners now that I know this." I started laughing again, but felt anger in my veins. I stood up, putting my hands on the table. "He made me feel as if it was my fault when I couldn't even help myself! And he locked this part of me away because, what? He didn't want to be with me? He wanted to 'protect' me? Bullshit."

"Alice, sweetie, you shouldn't talk about our king that way." My mom said softly, reaching out to touch me, but I pulled away.

"He's not my king."


"I need to go. Thank you for this." I said and she nodded, standing up and pulling me into a tight hug.

"Don't do anything you'll regret."

I smiled. She knew me so well. I said goodbye and left, my brain muddled from all of the information that was thrown on me. My best friend turned out to be a sex demon, who was also the king of sex demons, my soulmate, and a liar with a dream invading brother, who looked nothing like him now that I thought about it.

Then there was me. A succubus. I looked at the time and it read 2:47 a.m. I had a bunch of missed calls and texts from Eli and I knew that if he was still up, he was going to be mad. But he had no reason to be pissed. He wasn't the one who just found out that he wasn't human or that he needed sex to survive, or even that his mate had royal blood running through his veins.

I pulled into our driveway, getting out and bounding up the stairs. I opened the door, making sure to lock it behind of me when I closed it. The foyer was empty and quiet, the only sound coming from the grandfather clock.

Walking slowly, I passed the living room and started upstairs towards my room, making sure to avoid the one that creaked. When I made it to my room, I immediately stripped and hopped in the shower, letting the hot water spray down on me.

After I washed myself, I dried my hair and then towel dried my body, wrapping it around me before walking out to put on some undergarments. The moment I walked into my room, I could feel a presence sitting in the dark.

"Didn't I tell you to stay home?" Eli's deep voice penetrated the quiet room.

"What are you gonna do, spank me?" I answered back, rummaging through my drawers for my thongs. Silence filled the room for a beat before Eli spoke again.

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