The Forgotten Zodiac: Chapter 7

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"... The fox, huh?" Kagura fiddled with the handle of her tea cup, staring into the hazel liquid with a distracted expression.  "How..." She began, wrapping her pointer finger around the handle, "How did it stay hidden for so long?" She inquired, looking over to Lyra.

"The fox was never held to the same laws the Zodiacs were," Lyra looked over to Kagura's free arm, Kyo's head still tucked beneath it. "We just knew we were part of a bigger picture... we'll, I shouldn't say 'we'," Lyra smiled sadly, "because I'm being held to those laws now."

"What do you mean by 'laws'?" Kagura glared down at Kyo, who was almost done struggling against her headlock. "Why won't you hug me back?" She squeaked, placing her hand against her cheek and hiding a blush. "I swear, sometimes it's like you don't love me at all!"

"I d-don't! Y-you're ch-choking me-" Kyo complained, trying with all his might to pull away from Kagura's iron grasp.

"Nonsense, if I was choking you, you wouldn't be able to talk!" She replied cheerfully, returning her gaze to Lyra. "What?" She asked, watching Lyra's head tilt to the side and her hand cover one side of her face.

"N-nothing," Lyra sighed, withdrawing her legs from under the table, pulling her knees to her chest and wrapping her arms around her legs. "Anyway... 'laws' is the way my mother defines the way you live; constantly in fear that if you defy one, you'll be punished. Things that sometime don't make sense, but you're forced to abide by them anyway."

"I guess that makes sense," Kagura nodded, taking a quick sip of her tea and holding it against her lips. "What 'laws' do you think we have to follow?" She inquired, deciding to put the cup down on the table quietly.

"You can't have contact with people of the opposite sex," Lyra held her pointer finger up, "You have to attend 'Gods' banquet when you're told," Another finger shot up. "And, most outrageous of all, you're forced to repeat the cycle even after your lives are over."

"That's an awful lot of information," Kagura looked to the doorway, the sound of Shigures' footsteps approaching sounding through the hallway. "How does a Zodiac who only recently learnt the rules know how that affects us?"

"I'm sorry, I didn't-"

"Hello, ladies!" Shigure greeted, rounding the corner with his arms open wide. "And Kyo, of course." Despite the red coloring spreading across Kyo's face, Shigure walked right past him and Kagura and sat down next to them, clasping his hands together on the table and looking over to Lyra intently.

"Y-yes?" Lyra stammered, nervously brushing a strand of hair behind her ear and avoiding Shigure's gaze.

"You left in such a hurry earlier," He observed Lyra, her fidgeting making him smile. "I've called a friend of mine to help with your hand."

"It's just a little cut, it's no big deal," Lyra sighed, holding up her freshly bandaged hand and looking it over.

"I don't want to risk your well-being," Shigure smiled, glancing over to Kagura before returning his gaze to Lyra. "Besides, the man I called was more than happy to help!"

"Did you call-" Kyo was cut off by Kagura's arm, the veins outlining against her flesh as she squeezed.

"Is Hitori coming?!" Kagura didn't wait for a response before jumping to her feet and releasing Kyo abruptly, his body tumbling to the ground. "Now that I think about it, I have somewhere to be!" She turned to Lyra, a sad smile crossing her face. "Welcome to the family, Lyra."

"Th-" Kagura turned on her heels, walking away from the dining room quickly, hearing the sound of the front door sliding open and shut a moment later. "Thanks..." She mumbled, placing her elbow on the table and looking over to Kyo. "What was that about?"

"Some people aren't comfortable discussing our lives in detail," Shigure spoke up from beside her, "it's nothing personal." He comforted, giving her a gentle smile.

"Damn it I hate when she visits," Kyo hissed, rubbing his neck furiously and glaring at Shigure. "I told you we needed to get a lock on the front door!"

"That wouldn't have made a difference; she'd break through that as well..." His bottom lip curled into his mouth, his teeth latching on dramatically. "I spend so much money replacing the things you break...!" Lyra's eyebrow rose as a single tear fell from Shigure's eye.

"It can't be cheap to replace a door every time she visits," Lyra observed, tucking her hands underneath her folded legs.

"It's not just when Kagura visits..." Shigure mumbled, wiping away the tear, "but luckily the main house assists us when we're financially in need!" Lyra's head lowered, her eyes grazing her watch and a frustrated sigh coming shortly after. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to-"

"It's fine," Lyra interrupted, presenting a smile as she looked up. "It's not your fault the main house doesn't support the outcasts... though it sure would help." She mumbled, pointlessly rubbing her arm.

"Do you live by yourself?" Kyo asked, slapping his hands against the table and lifting himself off the floor, extending his arms into the middle of the table.

"No, I live with my mother," She sighed again, drawing her legs upwards and hugging her knees to her chest. "She's ill... so she can't work."

"Oh my, I'm sorry to hear that." Shigure comforted, pulling the tea tray away from Kyo's extended arms. "Is it...?"

"Permanent?" Shigure nodded, not wanting to push Lyra into talking about something so personal. "Yeah, she's bed-ridden... and her medicine costs a small fortune." With a small huff, Lyra lifted herself off the floor and walked to the doorway. "And I pay for that with the job I'm half an hour late for, would you mind showing me the way out of this damn forest?"

"Kyo can show you," Shigure chirped, ignoring the angry glare Kyo threw his way. "He's the one that brought you here; he should be responsible for taking you home!"

"Thank you," Lyra smiled, giving the doorway a quick pat, "C'mere kitty, kitty," She held back a giggle as Kyo jumped up, clenching his fists angrily and opening his mouth in preparation for an earful. "If you're going to shout at me you better do it before I leave the house, because I'm not breaking my stride!"

"You're annoying!" Kyo shouted, stomping out of the kitchen, slipping on his shoes, and following Lyra out of the house. "You don't know which way you're going, let me go first, idiot!"

"Oof!" Lyra's eye traveled upward as she made contact with another person, "Hey, watch where you're... oh!" The man towered over her, his jet black hair covering one eye, but that made him that much more attractive. "Well hello," She greeted him with a smile, "Who're you?"

"Oh, Hitori's here!" Shigure shouted from the doorway. "Hi, Hitori!" 

"You must be the fox," Hitori ignored Shigure's screetches, looking down at Lyra with an emotionless gaze.

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