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The hot guy wears this denim shirt. It's dark blue in colour. And it flatters him so much; it physically pains me to have to look away.

No way.

No freaking way.

No freaking way in hell.

Vedant looked up from the diary and stared at the mirror before him blankly. His image stared back at him; in a dark blue denim shirt.

He knew he wasn't being logical; and yet; he let the thin film of possibility brush over him.

Could this be me?

But me and hot?

Realizing the absurdity of his assumption; he shook his head rather vehemently.

Stop over thinking and just look for some LEGITIMATE hints.


As is obvious, I saw him again today. At the Babulnath bus stop.

Shit. MY bus stop!

He wasn't thinking; when he sprung up to his feet and sprinted to the balcony of his house. He ducked a little; and angled himself to get a proper view of the Babulnath bus stop before him.

And within seconds; he felt disappointment fill him up.

There were SO many people there. How would he even spot her?

Scream Meera at the top of his lungs?

That would just be weird.

Shaking his head with defeat, he walked back to his bedroom and settled on his bed.

I think he has light brown eyes. I can't be sure though. Because unfortunately for me; I've never gotten to see him so closely.



There's so much to study. How we are even expected to retain all of this?

Some senior says, "Do the practice manual!"; the other says, "Focus on concepts."

What am I supposed to do?

I was studying Costing today and was suddenly reminded of Raj Sir.

Okay this is too big a coincidence to be true.

Even HER Costing professor's name was Raj?

Is she from my coaching centre?

He's an excellent mimic! And he could make even a scary subject like this so much fun. I remember how he mimicked Shah Rukh Khan on our last class.

Vedant read and reread the last line; his brain trying to process every face he had ever seen in his coaching centre.

She had to be from his coaching centre! It couldn't be a coincidence that a Costing professor named Raj who was excellent at mimicry and mimicked Shah Rukh Khan on the last day of Costing class existed in a coaching centre apart from his.

But what batch was she from?

My batch!

Of course she's from my batch!

She was giving the same attempt with me for heaven's sake!

I miss Sir so much some times.


Restless, was putting things mildly.

Vedant walked the span of his room in quick strides, his eyes shut, his lips pressed into a thin line.

Meera. Meera. Meera.

Godwhy can't I recall any Meera?    

Godwhy can't I recall any Meera?    

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