My Room & Talking About Therapy

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Trevor's POV

Ashton helped me calm down in the elevator.I don't like being yelled it. It brings back bad memories.When we got out of the elevator he showed me my room. Even though he wanted Calum to be with us he thought it was best that I see it now.

He open the door and their was a seat on one side then a huge king size bed with music note on it. Their were inspirational quotes on the wall. And I saw a walk in closet. He said we would go clothes shopping tomorrow if I wanted to or order online.I also had my own bathroom that I can take showers in. I went up to him and hugged him.

I am so grateful for having wonderful Dad's. He hugged me back and patted my back. Afterwards he told me that we were having shrimp. I smiled because I love shrimp.

"Dad um I'm sorry about the way I acted it's just..."I got interrupted by him talking in a whisper.

"It's okay son.I understand and Calum he wasn't listening when we were told about your past. But I was and I'm sure he will understand too. Also I know you haven't really talked to anyone about it but..."He said then sat down on the bed gesturing me to do the same.

As I sat down he pulled his sleeves up. I saw some faded scars on his wrist.I looked up shocked but none seemed recent or anything. Which I was glad to see. But I had so many questions about them.

"As I was saying I know you haven't really talked to anyone about your past but as you can see we all have our secrets our own past. I use to self harm until someone helped me. And I want to do the same son. My old therapist is still working in the same place. And she helped me out so so much. What I'm asking is would you like to just talk to her and also if you don't want to talk to a female their are male therapist too? I just think it will help and we can even do family therapy so we can all learn how to deal with this in the best way possible."Ashton said looking in my eyes the whole time.He was very serious and sincere.

"I ...I would like that. And thank you so much.It shows you both care and love me."I said smiling.

"Yes we do. And we love you so much. Now let's go downstairs and I will introduce you to Michael and Luke."He said getting off the bed and I followed him.

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