In My Opinion...

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From RememberReality: Hello guys! I deleted the older version of this story, because in my opinion, it kinda sucked. So i've rewritten it, and here it is! Enjoy(:

In My Opinion...

Is lying a bad thing?

To some, it is. It can hurt a person. It can make them feel weak, worthless. It can make them never trust people again, and make them scared that everyone they meet will hurt them too.

But lying can also be good.

It can keep someone's feelings safe. It can make them believe that everything will be okay. And in some cases, it might even make someone like that person even more.

But you still shouldn't lie.

Being lied to is the worst feeling in the world. You feel betrayed. You feel like crap. You feel like you can't be trusted. You feel worthless. So you sit in your bed and cry for days. You post depressing statuses on facebook. And there is always that one person who will comment with something along the lines of, "Get over yourself. So someone lied to you? Grow up. There is someone out there who's got it worse than you."

That person is me.

I believe in being honest. I know when people are lying, it's a natural instinct, and I hate liars. So I've made it my life's mission to be honest with everyone, no matter what the consequences would turn out to be. Because, really, what does lying do? Sure, it's good for a while, and it keeps your name in the clear. But in the long run, you're just hurting everyone.

Why do you need to tiptoe around everyone's feelings? It's better to just stomp on it hard once, than to kick it straight in the balls.

So do you get what I'm saying? Lying is bad.

But apparently being honest is too, because why else would I be stuck spying on the school's most popular boy because I 'accidentally' told the school bitch's brother what I wanted most to make me do it.

So, short prologue. :) Please vote, comment, fan, etc!! :D

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