An author's note. 🙄 Wow, I'm so surprised.

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Why is there a picture of Grant Gustin up there when he is not in this book, you say?

Well, I will answer that question with this, why wouldn't I put a picture of Grant up there? Think about that.

Anyways, now that that is cleared up let me give you a warning:

I'm odd. I thought I should just put it out there. It will clearly come across in my author's notes. 😁

Also looking at a hot guy while eating ice cream may bring about the loss of ice cream, so either eat ice cream fast or avoiding staring at said hot guy 😉

Well there you have it warnings for no reason whatsoever!

Thanks for bearing with me through this author's note!

Also I really could care less if you vote or comment. (No, this is not reverse psychology) I'm just happy enough that you're reading. So thank you. ☺️

(Yes, 👆I do mean could care less, cause I actually could care less but that would take so much work and I would rather eat ice cream 🍦and sleep 😴.)

P. S. If you correct my grammar please add a smiley face emoji! Thanks for helping me make this book read more smoothly for everyone else! ☺️ (That one is my favorite, but you choose)

One final thing, if you didn't find this author's note amusing just skip the author's notes at the end of the chapters! ☺️ They don't get any better. You are warned. 😉

Gosh, sorry for this last bit but I want to apologize for the girl extras in this book. They are not a representation of reality, but a reflection of Carter's own perceptions. Still you have full permission to yell at me in the comments about them, I will understand. Now onward we go!

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