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      ALICE'S LAUGH RANG melodically through the dancing room as she tried to keep her heels from crushing Bucky's toes.

"Buck, it's not use! I'm as coordinated as a fish out of water." She cried out in frustration - a smile still creeping through her lips.

The soldier began chuckling at her use of words and pulled her back into him as she attempted to get away.

"Sweetheart, you're doing great! Practice makes perfect." The devilishly handsome man grinned and began leading her across the floor.

"Bucky Barnes! I'm going to fall!" Alice squeaked as he elegantly pulled her around, her long brown locks cascading down her back.

Suddenly the soldier twirled her around before bringing her back and dipping her down. His ocean blue eyes locked with her dark ones and he grinned as he took in every detail of her beaming face.

"I love you, Alice Murphy."

"And I love you James Barnes." Alice whispered before leaning up and pressing her lips to Bucky's.

In that moment, Bucky and Alice were truly at peace - basking in the feeling of being with one another.

Bucky had never been so happy in his life, until he met Alice Murphy. The girl who changed the way he looked at the world - the girl that taught him to pick out and appreciate the smaller things in life.

Like the smiles they would share and the glances they would steal during movies or dinner with Alice's parents.

She taught him that love was so much deeper than he could ever explain to someone. The young and charming womanizer now only seemed to notice Alice in a room full of women.

The short brunette with the happy personality stole Bucky Barnes heart and locked it away.

Alice took a step back, still holding Bucky's hands, and let her eyes sweep over him.

"What am I going to do without you Bucky?" The brunette whispered as she bit on her lip, thinking about the soldier going off to war - fighting till death.

"Miss me every second, of every hour, of every day." He teased and twirled her around again.

Alice grinned up at him but immediately frowned after.

"Bucky I can't bare to loose you, I -"

"- Hush. Don't think like that, doll. I'll be back before you know it." He pulled her close and began to slow dance with her small form.

Alice rested her head on Bucky's chest and he set his chin atop of her hair, leaning down slightly.

"Promise?" Alice asked in a whisper, her voice cracking slightly.

"I promise. And when I get back -" he softly said into her ear, making shivers run down her spine.

"- we'll buy that small house on the corner you love so much. You'll come home to the adorable little puppy that I know you fell in love with when we went into town. We'll dance the night away in our living room. And when I get back. . ." He trailed off and pulled away, dropping to one knee.

"- I'll be able to call you my wife." He grinned softly at the shocked looking Alice, who's eyes were as wide as saucers.

The soldier held a small beautiful opal encrusted ring up to her and hints of tears could be seen glistening in the corners of not only Alice's - but also the soldier's.

"James Buchanan Barnes -"

"I surely hope a yes is coming." He grinned slightly, biting his lip.

"Yes!" She squeaked and launched herself at the man, capturing his lips in hers.

"I love you, Soldier."


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