--23-- For Jessa

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Jessalynn's POV:

"Choose one, Jessalynn...and choose wisely. You only get to have them for one night only."

Now I know that sounds wrong on so many levels, but it's actually really innocent. My friend was setting me up on a blind date with one of her many guy friends that she said who were really nice. She herself would never date them. Why? I never thought to ask. But I had to choose.

There were three boys sitting on her couch. The guy on the left looked like he rode motorcycles. Nothing about him screamed "hey, I'm a good guy" especially his tattoo of "thug" across his knuckles.

Then there was the guy in the middle. He looked shy and he didn't have eye contact with me. I loved how he kept messing with his hair and then his fingers. This boy seemed like a good candidate.

Then, there was the boy on the right. And I didn't even have to look at him for too long to know that I definitely wouldn't have fun with the guy.

"I choose the guy in the middle," I said and his head shot up; our eyes finally met.

They were so beautiful. I felt a gasp pass my lips when he smiled.

"Oh that's a great pick, Jessalynn. Louis is a great guy," my friend said as she nudged me in my side.

Louis stood up from the couch as the other two guys let out a frustrated sigh.

"C'mon, Jessalynn. I have the night planned out for you," Louis said with a smile.

He slowly held out his hand for mine. At first I just looked at it. I mean, any other guy would have just grabbed my hand and pulled me out the door. But Louis? He seemed to be different.

"Can I...can I take your hand?" he asked softly.

I nodded and took it. His fingers curled around my hand and it just seemed...right. Like this was supposed to happen. Louis led me out to his car. It was nothing fancy compared to the other lads' cars. They were definitely trying to impress me and they were trying way too hard. Louis though? His eyes and smile won me over. He hadn't even spoke to me yet those two features had me bought.

Louis opened the passenger side door for me and I slid in.

"Thanks," I said quietly.

He smiled at me then got into his car. After starting up the car, he began to drive away.

"So Jessalynn..." Louis started out.


I waited for him to continue, but he never did. He'd glance at me and smile; it sent shiver down my spine.


He had stopped his car in front of a house and parked.

"Yes, love?"

In that instant, my entire body tingled. It was a strange feeling. I hardly even know the guy and I already have butterflies around him.

"What are we doing on this blind date?" I asked.

He smiled but didn't answer me. Instead he got out of his car and helped me out. I thanked him and he had taken my hand again. He pulled me towards the house and when I saw him pull out some keys, I realized that this was his place.

"I thought you'd like a home cooked meal for our blind date instead of going out somewhere," he unlocked the door, "I hope you don't mind, Jessalynn."

I didn't at all. In fact, it was much better because it showed me that it doesn't take much to impress me.

"You can call me Jessa....since Jessalynn is a mouthful."

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