Chapter Twenty Five

 Like Harry said, I didn't make any plans for that night. In fact, the boys were so busy I didn't even have time to figure out plans for the afternoon. But I'd probably throw some kind of party, I needed to see all my friends again.

At least their concert was done now and whatever plans Harry had in mind, I guess we'd be doing them now. 

"You're taking a long time to change," I knocked on the door.

"Once second," Harry called. "We're almost done."

"That could mean forever when it comes to you 5," I reminded them. "Besides, you said that 10 minutes ago."

And when the boys came out, I felt my heart leap. They were dressed in 5 black tuxedos, but Louis was wearing a striped shirt under his and Harry had a bow tie. And Niall looked dead sexy. 

"What's going on?" I asked, confused and unable to tear my eyes away from Niall. "Are we going somewhere fancy for dinner?"

"No," Harry handed me a sparkly gold fabric. "We're going to your prom." 


June 25th. How could I forget. And now I was wearing a sparkly gold dress, just my size. 

"I love you boys," I laughed as I hugged them. "But what made you think of this?"

"Some of us," Harry shurgged. "Didn't get to go to our own proms. And we heard you may just be crowned prom queen."

I laughed. "I don't even go there anymore." 

"That's okay," Zayn shrugged. "I have a feeling everybody will want to see you." 

And I want to see everybody. My heart raced as the car pulled up to the place my prom was being held at. Great. They decided to place it at another place my dad owned. How wonderful. Still, I wouldn't let anything ruin my night. However, fate had other ideas.

"Sorry m'am," the secuirty guard shook his head. "I can't let you in without tickets."

"We're One Direction," Liam tried. "We're a famous boy band-"

"Sorry," the secuirty guard shrugged. "I couldn't let you in if you were Marilyn Monroe."

I watched helplessly as the boys argued with the security. Finally, I gave in. Gently, I pushed Zayn aside so I could face the security guard. 

"If you don't let us in, I will call my father here and now, and make sure you never find work again in the city of New York," I snapped. The bitchy tone was back. The one I hadn't even thought about using in a month or two.

"Right," the secuirty guard looked at me and rolled his eyes. "Your name is?"

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