Chapter 20: Wedding plans and meeting Klaus

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Wedding plans and meeting Klaus

Bella’s P.O.V

Everyone was out today, just me and Damon. Right now we where snuggled up watching TV. Earlier the Cullen’s called and told me they were going back to Forks later on today.

Right now me and Damon were watching a movie. Sweet Home Alabama. It is a good movie but Damon is getting bored and I can tell he is because he keeps trying to kiss me.

‘’Damon, we need to talk about our wedding plans.’’ I said because I wanted to get everything sorted out. Damon sighed and sat up.

‘’We do, but that’s a lot of planning.’’ Damon complained. I playfully smacked him.

‘’Right now we should just plan who your best man will be. Who my maid of honor will be, and the bride’s maids.’’ I said.

‘’Who the flower girl will be and ring barrio, and more.’’ Damon continued. I nodded my head smiling.

‘’ Exactly.’’ I grinned. Who do I want my maid of honor to be? Hmmmmm, decisions, decisions.

‘’Well I want my Alaric to be my best man.’’ Damon said. Lucky it was easy for you to decide. I finally thought of a maid of honor.

‘’I want Elena to be my maid of honor, and Caroline, Bonnie, Alice, and Rosalie to be my brides maids.’’ I said happily. I sighed.

‘’We don’t know any kids that can be the flower girl or ring barrier.’’ I said leaning into the couch.

‘’Not anyone from back from Forks?’’ Damon asked putting an arm around my shoulders and pulled me closer to him. I shook my head.

‘’No. I don’t know any kids.’’ I sighed. Damon laughed.

‘’We all don’t know any kids because all of our family’s are broken up. You’re divorced. Mine and Elena are dead. Bonnie’s ran away. Caroline’s broken up. Tyler, dad is dead. Our blood line end with us for now.’’

Damon was right, and he knew it too. I sighed again.

‘’We can put that pixie, Alice as the flower girl.’’ Damon suggested. I laughed.

‘’Maybe, it’s not a bad idea. We can also have Stefan as the ring barrier.’’ I said getting up.

‘’True- wait where are you going.’’ Damon asked. I rolled my eyes and grabbed his head.

‘’Not where am I going- Where are we going?” I said smiling and pulling Damon to the front door.

‘’Okay then. Where are we going?’’ I grinned.

‘’To the wedding place, so we can organize everything.’’ I laughed when Damon groaned, annoyed.

***At the Place to Get a Wedding Organized****

Damon and I were sat in an office that belonged to Wedding designer, Amelie Formore. She wasn’t a famous designer, but she was a good one.

‘’Okay so your Mr. Salvatore and your Miss swan, or should I saw soon to be Mrs. Salvatore.’’ Amelie asked. I nodded.

‘’Please just call me Bella.’’ I insisted smiling. Amelie nodded.

‘’Okay, Bella, and Mr. Salvatore-‘’ Damon cut her off.

‘’Please call me Damon.’’ Amelie nodded and typed on her computer.

‘’Do you have any idea where you want your wedding to be at?’’ Amelie asked. I looked at Damon and whispered in his ear.