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Chapter 1

"Two more minutes and we're free." Bree whispered beside me. I nodded my head in agreement. Two more minutes left and goodbye senior year. 

"You both know that we still have graduation tomorrow, right?" Camie whispered behind us. We both nodded our heads to reply and stare at Mr. Hughbert like we were paying attention, since he is still discussing about the importance of English Literature.  

I looked away from him to look at the wall clock located on the wall opposite the door and realize we only have twenty seconds left. I turned my head towards our teacher and counted the last remaining seconds. 


The bell rang, signaling the end of last period and for the whole school year. I smiled happily, ecstatic that the school year was over. Our teacher went out of the classroom and people started talking about their plans for this summer and what college they are planning to go to.  

'They're lucky to go to college. While I, need to take over my dad's company shortly after graduation.' I thought to myself, the smile on my face turned into a frown, as I sighed and realized that my friends have already started talking about our plans for this summer. Briana and Cameron are going to be with me for the whole summer since they asked my parents if they could also work in our company. My dad was hesitant at first but knew that my two best friends are capable of doing almost anything. I love my friends since they are willing to work with me instead of enjoying their summer. 

"So, I was planning on having a farewell party tonight." Cameron said hesitantly. 

"Ooohh. That would be great. But aren't your parents going to be home tonight?" Briana asked sadly, now that she considered the negative side of Camie having a party in her house. 

"Well, they are. They told me I can use our other house, the house that's used for our parties and gatherings." 

"Well, what seems to be the problem then?" I ask, joining in on their conversation. 

"The problem is I don't know if someone already planned for a party tonight. If someone did, no one would go to my party." Cameron replied. 

"Then there's one thing to do since people didn't leave the classroom yet." I said and turned to Bree. She knew exactly what to do so she nodded at me and stood up. 

"Hey guys!" Bree shouted over the conversations of our classmates. Everyone looked up at her to listen. Bree is kind of the news bearer of this school, so people listen to her without any hesitation. "Cameron's throwing a party tonight and we're wondering if there are other people who are throwing a party of their own." Bree said in her normal tone since everybody can hear her now. 

A hand shot up. 

"Yes, you." Bree pointed at some blond dude. The dude stood up. 

"Kathlyn's throwing a party tonight. Maybe we can tell her to merge her party with Cameron's?" The dude suggested and everybody seemed to agree, especially Bree. 

"Oooh. That's a great idea. Can I ask someone here to text Kathlyn right now and tell her?" Bree said and a hand shot up.  

"I can text Kathlyn. She's my best friend and I think she might approve of the idea." The brunette said. Bree nodded and told her to text Kathlyn ASAP. Five seconds later the brunette's phone chimed and she read the text. 

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