2 - The Heavenly Prince is KING

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The Heavenly son is ambition, he is spry and fast thinking, share, clean, directive, and energetic

The Heavenly son is ambition, he is spry and fast thinking, share, clean, directive, and energetic. He longs to build a kingdom, and earthly realm to rule. "I will do this and have fun. I have ideas for the people. I want this place on earth to rule."

He watches the muddy mounds change to green. A few jewels from his sister golden fish started Korean. The green burst into plants grew and spread into forests. Beasts came and now live in them.

The Heaven Prince shows Tiger Guard, "A beast hides among on the mud mountains covered with giant trees. It wears the black, yellow and white stripes as you, Guard of the West does." They laugh, the Guard says, "I left my spirit there, a TIGER."

Bowing to his Father the Heavenly Prince, said, "Heavenly Father, I want to travel to the earth, to this place new place and rule as a King."

Heavenly Father pats his son on his back, announcing, "Court, my son has asked that Korean, the long peninsula starting from the mountains in the East, resting between two seas and with sacred pine and sandalwood trees and plants, and that stretch to the West. The land which protects and feeds many animals. This land created by his sister's golden jeweled fish that Tiger Guard the stacked when hunting for her golden crown. This land call is to be called KOREA with my son as King."

Cheers rumbled the clouds and cause a great wind.

Heavenly Prince climbed down Diamond Mountain down the sacred Pine tree into Korea. Followed by 3,000 servants, plus the Lord Wind, Lord Rain, and Lord Clouds to help settle Korea. Gifts His Heavenly Father gave him. He becomes Hwan-Ung of the Sandalwood forests.

Through singing the Heavenly Prince, Hway-Ung, summons Bear and Tiger, who are respectful and come from their dens. He announces, "You are to become the first humans. Tiger, a man, and Bear, a woman. To do this you must stay in a cave for 100 days and eat 20 cloves of garlic and mugwort weed."

Bear is patience and relaxes sleeping, she hibernates slowing her body down and endures the time. "I will be the first woman and gain much esteem. I will tenure the cave."

Tiger is not happy, hating the cold, dark, damp cave. He wants to be free to keep his striped body and spirit, Guard of the West and King of Beast is enough. He is happy with his title; he does not want to be a human weak man.

"I will not give up my freedoms. I am a powerful courageous strong, fearless, the King of the Animals, and I have a spirit that roams The King of West. I am worship now.

Tiger prances around, claws pounds, twisting in the dark, uncomfortable. He drags his belly on the ground unable to see in the dark and thumbs and dumps into the walls

"I am trapped! I am hungry! The garlic taste in my mouth that the mugwort tasted awful, garlic that scent on his paws and the sting stayed in his mouth. His hunger mounts, he wants to eat Bear. I will not eat Bear, she wants to be a beautiful human maiden."

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