* Iris POV *

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" Beep Beep Beep" I roll over to see three red numbers read "8:30". So before stumbling out of bed to the bathroom,I layed in bed for a bit thinking. My phone starts to ring. I slowly reached for my phone and answered.

" H-hello..." I said in a soft shakey voice.

" IRIS!" I heard the voice scream.

" Who's calling at f**king 8:30 am?" 

" Danny..Your best friend."

" Oh....So why are you calling??"

" To tell you something!"


"You'll see!"

Then he hangs up. I slowly drag my lifeless body out of bed and over to my dresser. I pull out my black skinny jeans, no-show shocks, and a gray shirt with a red heart. I grab my IPod and phone before stumbing down the hall to my bathroom. I open the black door and make my way into the large black and purple poka-dotted bathroom. I shut the door and looked at myself in the full body mirror that hung off the door before getting undressed. I turned on my IPod and hopped into the shower. My neon blue bangs blocked my vision while my black hair draped over my shoulders. After the shower I blew dried my hair and got dressed. I made my way back to my room. I did my make-up and flat-ironed my wavy hair. Slowly I made my way out my apartment and to Danny's waiting car.

" Ready for your job interveiw?" Danny asked with the biggest smile on his face.

" I guess.." I softly whispered.

I zoned out as Danny pulled out onto the road.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ok so this is my first story. Please tell me what you think! Bye! <3


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