Izeiah's Pov

I'm still confused on how the hell did I survived with someone like Ivan. It's already 2nd semester and I can't believe I survived.

"Did you know that there's no signal in where Satan is currently residing? Maybe that's the reason why you can't reach him" I heard him say from the other side of the room. He's back at it again. Back from annoying me to the point I'd rather kill myself.

"That's why I sent him a letter about your assasination you don't know how long I've waited for his reply" I retorted.

"Too bad. Satan's on my side." Hindi na ako makapagtimpi at lumabas nalang kahit gusto ko na siyang patayin. But I must atleast control my temper in order to lessen my numerous problems and to also avoid stress as much as possible.

What the Headmaster said is so true. The Game not only destroyed my life right now but also added itself on the list of my problems.

Anong oras na ba? Kasi around 3 in the afternoon ako pupunta sa office dahil sa reward ko. Si Ivan daw ay 6 ng hapon.

Walang klase ngayon dahil sa rasong hindi namin natanggap mga rewards namin yesterday ngayon ang day at para maenjoy namin walang klase.

Many students were actually glad and some are kinda questioning themselves why were they happy when they heard about the game. Some were even trying to volunteer to play in the next game because of depression. Well who wouldn't be in agony after losing a friend, a sister, a brother or a lover? Is that what the Headmaster meant when he said this game will mess up thousand of lives?

But what about the isolated ones? The ones who doesn't have a brother or a sister? Who doesn't interact much resulting in lack of friends? How are they going to suffer?

My mind went completely blank for a second. I shook off the thoughts. That is not my problem. I have enough problems to keep me going for months.

Ivan is unwilling to tell what had happened and I don't have anyways of---- wait a minute. Clarisse knows. And she'll definitely tell me.

Walang pasabi sabi akong tumayo at tinawagan si Raven para text'san si Clarisse na magmeet kami somewhere near the school. Yesterday night almost got me into my death bed. Good thing he was only bluffing to save me the trouble of dealing with the Aphrodites. But we really went out for ice cream. He paid so it was all worth it. No one asked who's who and we didn't tried to kill each other for our masks.

Pero paano napansin ko lang, hindi pa ito nakakaabot sa top chismis ng mundo. Dahil minsan nakakakilabot din na isipin na isa lang scandal wala pang isang minuto alam na ng buong mundo.

Paanong itong chismis na nagsimula ng Robinson-Gryst feud eh hindi pa nagtretrending? I mean isipin mo lang dapat nandoon na iyon for how many weeks dahil sa bilis ng takbo ng chismis mas mabilis pa ito sa ambulansya.

And one more thing.

How is it that no matter how hard I search for Lothi he only seemed to only erase more of the tracks he had left.

Sasakit na talaga ang ulo ko dahil sa mga problema ko. At pinepressur epa ako ng lalakeng gusto ang file na ayaw ipakita saakin ni Ate Hina. I mean is that like a secret formula of the best chocolate in the world? Will it be worth it busting into the elder's computer?

And I also have to worry of not being in the Izeiah's Game. I must not be in it. This mission was a curse. Stupid untameds. And there's still four originals! How am I going to keep up with my life with all these stupid troubles?!

Do you wanna hide a body?

I answered the call. It's from Robin

On The Phone

Empress. The higher ups
already acted. They've
bombed one of their

Why is the problem have
headquarters in it again?
Are they actually trying to
kill me instead?

Do you want me to
handle it instead?

No, it's okay.
I will mangae and I'll
just hope I won't die because
of too much use of my brain.
Anything else to add on my
problem list that is almost as
long as Santa's list?

No. That's all about it

This is going to kill me
someday I swear.


Napahilot nalang ako sa sentido dahil sa isa nanamang problema. Ngayon na sinusubukan ko na ireconcile ang peace between them, they are just making it worse.

Masakit na talaga ang ulo ko dahil sa mga problemang akay akay ko ngayon. Mas malala pa yata eto kaysa sa mga problema na hine- handle ni Ate Hina. Napaupo ako sa isang bench at doon sumandal at pumikit ng ma peace of mind rin ako kahit ilang minuto man lang.

"A penny for your thoughts?" Someone barged in the peaceful air I've created.

I opened my eyes and met Ivan's face upside down. He was behind the bench and is bending down to get closer to me. He smiled.

"Care to share what's in your mind?" I heaved a sigh and pouted.

"Ivan. I'm in a lot of stress lately." I said and sigh again. He pinched my cheeks.

"Aww, something's troubling my little Izeiah." He said. Tumango ako.

"I'll solve the Gryst problem if you kiss me." Ito nanaman siya eh. Manyak ang tinatawag sa mga ganitong lalake. He's teasing me again.

But two can play this game.

I cupped his face which is upside down and pulled him a little so he had to bend down more. I smiled at him and kissed the tip of his nose. I felt myself blushing so hard my face could turn into a tomato. I saw Ivan froze and grinned after.

"Zeah Eizi Robinson. Office Please." I let go of his face and stood up. I turned my back to him before he can even notice I'm blushing.

"Izeiah, wait. Can you help me with something?" I tilted my head to the side and was confuse to what he needed help with.


"Can you do it again?" In only a matter of second he was already infront of me. His arms loosely clung unto my shoulder.

"I think I'm addicted." He whispered


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