A Gathering, A Fire, A Song

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"Josh, be quieter! You'll scare away all the animals

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"Josh, be quieter! You'll scare away all the animals." Bo yelled at her boyfriend who was ahead of her, stomping around on twigs and jumping over fallen tree trunks.

"Sorry, Bo." Josh turned back to her with a guilty face and made his steps quieter. "Why do you want to see the animals so much?"

"My dad and I used to do this, before he got his job as-" Bo stopped herself before she could reveal her secret, "a Doctor...and forgot all about me. He taught me how to track down animals."

Josh started to walk backwards and grabbed ahold of Bo's mittened hand, smiling at her.

"Come on. Let's get to this Cabin. It's just up ahead. Then we should look for animals, before it gets dark." He lead her along the trail as she smiled at Josh. How this even came to be was a mystery. Bo wasn't popular, she never wore makeup ever, and she was the new girl. So why had Josh Washington asked her to date him instead of someone like Jessica, especially after what she did to him?

She remembered the day with great detail. It was after school, Bo was with Jessica at her locker putting away books.

"Come on, Bo. It's just one party! Why won't you go with me?" Jessica whined. Bo wondered why Jessica's provocative clothing was not dress-coded but then she remembered that the teachers and principles were perverted and loved every outfit she ever wore.

"I'm sorry, Jess. I just have a project to do and I'm not particularly one to party hard and get drunk." Bo admitted. She took her backpack out of the locker and threw it over her shoulder. "Especially under-age."

Jessica scoffed, "Sure you aren't. But just...at least give me a ride back?"

"No, Jessica, you're not listening." Bo shook her head in disappointment and sighed, "I. Don't. Want. Anything. To do. With. This. Party." She made sure to say it slowly so Jessica could understand.

"Well, my real friends would."

"Then why don't you go talk to them? That's right, they're going with. And I would drive you home, if it wasn't 2 o' clock at night! I'm asleep by then, I'm not gonna even get any calls or texts. Do not depend on me for a ride home." She clarified and watched Jessica storm away. She would be back anyways the next day to go to the mall or something.

Rolling her eyes, Bo went to walk away when her name was called. Turning around, she was faced with Josh Washington. She instantly groaned out loud.

"You're not going to try and convince me to go to this party, are you?" She interrogated. Josh gave her a confused look.

"No, what party?" He asked, genuinely. Bo's hard glare softened and her cheeks went bright red in embarrassment.

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