The Crumbling Castle

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"But why him?"

"He's a knight. He's probably fit enough to lift two people on his shoulders."

Roberto turned his back to his master as he flicked a bit of fluff off himself.

"Shame that was what the other boy was for... right, Sig Monstrox?"

The hooded man went wide eyed and put his hand over Roberto's mouth; scaring the sculptor.

"Don't call me that out in the open! Everyone thinks I'm dead, and I want it to stay that way. For now." Monstrox whispered angrily.

Roberto nodded quickly; not wanting to be suffocated. Monstrox let go of the sculptor to let him breath before looking towards the castle; planning to approach Moorington when the midday bell rung.


Two hours away from Knighton, the carriage with Merlok and the four Knights was halfway to its destination. The weather above them was looking very cloudy with high chances of rain and thunderstorms. Kyle the squirebot looked at the map in his robot hands; thinking or at least hoping he was going the right way.

"Are we there yet?" Aaron asked in a bored voice; laying back in his seat.

"Still a long way to go, Aaron." Merlok reminded the archer.

Macy looked out the window as the carriage went through the woods. The dark trees and the clouds up above made the view look like something from a horror story. The princess Knight turned her head back into the Carriage to see Lance combing his hair(again) and Axl was holding his stomach in discomfort.

"You ok, Axl?" Macy asked the big knight.

"I'm a little hungry." Axl answered as his stomach growled. "And I didn't bring a snack."

"Hey don't worry, big guy. When we get to town, we can get a big roast boaring for lunch." Aaron reassured.

Just as Axl started thinking about how delicious roast boaring would be, the carriage came to a halt; making Lance fall out of his seat. The rich Knight quickly sat back up and ran his hand through his hair.

"I've been combing my hair for the last two hours!" He said in an angry and sad voice.

Macy poked her head out the window to see what happened. Her eyes went wide when she saw that a large tree had been struck by lightning and fallen over; blocking the path to town on the cross road. Merlok poked his head out the window and also went wide eyed.

"Oh my." The wizard gasped at the sight.

"What happened?" Aaron asked curiously.

"I-i think the tree might have been struck by lightning at some point." Kyle spoke with a nervous stutter. "Should I take the other path?"

"I suppose we'll have to. Kyle, go that way until we find another path." Merlok ordered; pointing at the unblocked path.

"Yes, Merlok!"

Kyle made the carriage go forward into the open path; looking a bit nervous. As the carriage went further into the path, the forest turned dark and the trees around were dead and lacking leaves. Macy and Aaron looked out the window and noticed something odd about the ground. It started out all green and grassy, but as they moved foreword it slowly turned white and the trees were covered in white.

"Is that snow?" Aaron questioned; baffled by the sight.

"In the middle of June?" Macy added in disbelief.

As the carriage went further down the unknown path, Merlok began to feel uneasy. As if something bad was about to happen. The wizard rubbed his head, trying to sooth the feeling.

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