The Crumbling Castle

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The next morning, the Knights and a squirebot named Kyle were helping Merlok pack a few boxes of fireworks into the back of a traveling carriage for the two hour trip to Festaville. Merlok was to be escorted by Aaron, Macy, Axl, Lance and the squirebot while Clay was to stay and watch over the study.

"That's all of them." Aaron announced as he put the last box in the carriage. "I think we're just about ready."

While Aaron, Axl, Lance and the squirebot were ready to go, Macy was saying goodbye to her father and mother were Merlok was saying goodbye to Clay.

"Now Macy, are you sure you want to go on a mission like this so soon?" King Halbert asked worryingly. "Festaville is so far away and there could be monsters out there."

Macy rolled her eyes and crossed her arms, as well as her mother.

"Dad, it's only a two hour trip to the other side of the mountains; I'll be fine." Macy tried to reassure.

"And there hasn't been any monsters seen in decades, Sweetie." Queen Halbert agreed with her daughter.

The king and queen hugged and kissed their daughter goodbye; telling her to be home in time for dinner and how much they love her.

"Well Clay, if you're not coming with us, at least let me bring something back for you." Merlok said as he shook the Knights hand.

Clay thought about it for a moment; smiling when he thought of something.

"Just a rose, please." The knight asked politely of his mentor.

"A rose? You always ask for that whenever I go out of town." Merlok replied with a hearty chuckle.

"And you always bring me one." Clay smiled warmly.

"Princess Macy, Merlok, are you ready yet?" Kyle the squirebot asked; ready to go.

Macy and Merlok quickly made their way to the carriage and hopped inside. When everyone was in, Kyle the squirebot made the carriage go as everyone inside waved goodbye. King and Queen Halbert and Clay waved back before the carriage made it outside the castle gates and into town. While going through town, a majority of people saw the carriage; some even waving as it passed by. But in the shadows, the hooded man and his accomplice Roberto watched as the carriage containing the royal wizard and four of the five Knights left town for the time being. The hooded man smiled under his hood; revealing an almost demonic looking grin with his yellow teeth.

"Now's our chance." The hooded man said with delight. "You have the watcher, artsy boy?"

Roberto reached into his pocket and pulled a golf ball sized stone.

"Here you go. I made it with all my love." He handed the stone into his masters' hand.

"You say that about all the soldiers."

Roberto rolled his eyes as the hooded man tapped the stone with his finger. In a few seconds, the stone cracked like an egg; turning into a small bat like creature made from stone. The creature let out a high pitched screech as it awaited orders.

"Go to the castle and spy on Moorington. Report back if anything comes up."

With that, the creature flew out of its masters hand took off towards the castle.

"So are you going to try and offer the knight a better job again?" Roberto asked as he cleaned his nails on his cloths.

"Please; you know that's not what I'm really doing." The hooded man answered. "I'm getting old. If I ever become ruler of this land, I'll need a new vessel so I can rule for as long as possible."

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