Chapter One

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I hit the snooze button on my nearby alarm clock like a reflex. I don't wanna wake up! I drag myself out of bed and stare at my reflection on the full length mirror hanging in the back of my door.It all looks the same as yesterday my long dark brown hair lays in waves past my shoulders. My skin Sun kissed from all of the hours spent outside running track and playing volleyball. Below my eyes I have mild red streaks of sunburn in my high cheek. The sum created blush makes my green eyes pop. I look at my defined biceps and muscular legs and one word comes to mind. Muscular. I walk away from my mirror and walk the hallway of my modestly sized room into the kitchen where my dad sat, staring at his laptop screen. "Watcha doin"I ask casually as I pull the orange juice out of the fridge and swig. " Looking at the ratings for the best female athletes in Georgia and guess who's number 2?" He taunted. "I don't know Selena Gomez?" I kid. I had been at #2 in that list for months which means that I really need to step it up and just win the thing. I laugh with my dad about the lingering title and then I finally grab a breakfast bar and scurry off to my room. As my usual morning ritual I glance at my daily calendar and look at my schedule school from 9:00-3:30 track from 3:45-5:00 and volleyball from 5:00-7:00. I grab my towel and my phone and head to my shower I turn on the lukewarm water and slip my phone into the waterproof shower case and put on my favorite playlist which consisted mainly of Drake, Migos, beyonce,and Kanye west with the occasional
Taylor swift song. I wash my hair and quickly scrub my body with my 'simply lavender' body wash. I turn the water off and pull my robe on I brush my teeth and wash my face and then walk i my room. I pick a simple outfit out, black Nike shorts and a grey volleyball sweatshirt with my nickname "power nugget" on the back of it. The team had decided to put out nicknames on the back of our sweatshirts so that it would be funnier. I was Power nugget because I'm so small but very powerful
I quickly pull my hair into double French braids and then pulling a few baby hairs out so that they frame the perimeter of my face. I put some black and white nike shoes on and reach for my phone just as it vibrates. I got a text from Erik "when are you getting here I'm all alone" . I text him back "I'm the car right now I say. I grab my under armoire  backpack and my lanyard with my house key, car key, and the Vera Bradley pouch attached to it held my money, student ID and drivers license. I walk to my slick black jeep explorer. I hop in and jam out in my way to Erik's house. When I get there he is waiting on his front porch and he slumps as he walks to the car he hops into the passenger seat and instantly begins to vent. " Did you finish Mrs.Myers homework?" He asks. "Yeah last night why?" " I haven't" he admits, "It what just way too much effort" he  

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