{how you met}

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lip~ you were sitting at the bar with talking to your older brother, kevin

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lip~ you were sitting at the bar with talking to your older brother, kevin.

"hey kev," you see a young boy, maybe your age, walk through to door.

"hey, lip. back from college," kev asks, pour a glass of beer. the boy, named lip, just nodded his head and took a sip of beer.

"whose this," lip nodded his head in your direction.

"y/n," you answered, "i'm kev's little sis."

he smirked, "nice to meet you."

"you, too," you answered.

ian~ you were sitting in english class. the teacher was babbling on about some project for some stupid book that you'd never read.

"okay, here are your partners; johnathan and kierra, mandy and bonnie, melissa and abby, travis and bradley, and finally ian and y/n," the teacher called out to the class.

you gathered your books together, ready to move, when someone tapped your shoulder. you turned around and made eye contact with a cute, blued eyed, ginger. you couldn't help but smile.

"you ian," you asked.

"yeah," he answered smiling back. you started planning out your project which led to getting to know eachother which led to getting eachother's numbers.

carl~ you were only four years old when you met carl, so you don't really remember much. just that you guys played together everyday and your bother and his sister became good friends.

mickey~ you were ian's best friend and you hung out at the kash and grab while he worked. lynda allowed you to hang around, just as long as you brought something every hour you were there.

ian was stacking gatorades in the freezer and telling you about what happened with mandy the night before when mickey, mandy's older brother walked in.

"ian gallagher," he yelled. ian instantly ran out of the freezer and into the storage room. mickey and his two brothers followed behind him.

"there's a door in the back of the storage room, jack ass. he's probably already home by now," you said, trying to get them to back off.

"ally. go," mickey yelled at his brothers.

"thanks sweet cheeks," he said winking at you.

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