The Whisperers'

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Chapter 1

It was a normal morning for me, my brother slammed me into the wall and gave me a swirly. I had to go to school while soaking in toilet water, it wasn’t that bad because there wasn’t a present  in the toilet for me.

When I got  to school everyone stared at me and laughed like usual except my friend  Freddy.  He isn’t normal, he has a high pitched voice, and he walks like a penguin. He always gets picked on, but he doesn’t care.

“Hi George,” said Freddy in his usual wheezy voice, while he was hunched over and drooling. Why do I hang with this kid?

“ Hey Fred,” said George, he was my best friend but I still try to avoid him. I all ready have a bad reputation and hanging with him just makes it worse. 

“ It’s Freddy,” screamed Freddy. Did I also mention that he’s a nut job.

“Sorry, hey did you enter the science fair yet?” I asked him. He was super smart, like me, but he was given the complete nerd package. He wore suspenders, his pants were up to high, had asthma, and had nerdy give square glasses with tape in the middle.  

“Not yet.” He answered, as he wiped a boogie hanging from his nose with the back of his hand. Like I said, the complete package. 

“Do you want to do one together.” I asked trying to be nice, he was smart and with his brains there was no doubt that we’d get the trophy, and I really want that trophy.

“ Sure but it has to have frogs.” He answered excitedly, which only made him drool more.

“ Why frogs?” I questioned.

“ Because their cute and they make funny noises.” He asked as he grabbed a piece of pre-chewed gum off the top of his locker.

“ Okay we’ll do something on frogs.” I said reluctantly, honestly frogs grossed me out, they are slimy and smelly, and I have nightmares about them, but like I said, I really want that trophy.

“ Great!” he said as he blew a big bubble.

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