The truth is out

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Tessa runs upstairs to chance and Anthony's room. Luckily Anthony is in jakes room so she can talk to chance in private

Tessa: (knocks on the door) hey chance can I come in?

Chance: um yeh. What's up ?

Tessa: well i think I like you. Ur so nice and after the other night we have got quite close.

Chance: well Tessa I think I like you too

Tessa runs up and gives him a massive hug. Unfortunately Jake walked past just as they started hugging and started vlogging.

Jake: Omg guys is #chessa finally real?

Tessa: omg Jake! Please go away

Jake: hmm ok

Chance: ok Tessa for now can we like keep it on the down low only Anthony and Erika know. But no one else !

Tessa: yeh that's fine

Chance: I'm so happy. Wanna go for a 'friendly' date tonight? We could get sushi?

Tessa: chance I would love to go on a 'friendly' date. What time?

Chance: 6:30. I will get an uber. By the way it's 5:30 so one hour !

Tessa: shoot I've gotta get ready 😂


Jake: Erika what was going on between chance and Tessa

Erika: nothing they are just rly good friends. Why?

Jake: they were upstairs hugging and stuff. To be honest I think they should consider dating they are kinda cute

Erika and Anthony: I don't think they like each other

Jake: ok....

Guys that's all I can do today. I know it's short but tomorrow's will be longer comment if you like the story so far and please give me some suggestions about it

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