Chapter 71

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Suman's POV.

I can see Ramnath uncle is far from being pleased at the tight spot he has been put in. Since he had just got new assistants he had been given an hour to brief them and discuss developments.

He kept throwing disapproving looks towards Pushkar and I can sense even if he is not showing it, this is worrying Pushkar. I hope he does not get into any trouble for this.

We were all seated in Shravan's office as per him, he is not carrying the keys to the room as he did not expect to use it. I think he did not open that room intentionally so that uncle has no option but to come into Shravan's room.

These guys are doing everything to corner him that he has been allotted by the council of lawyers association. Of course Danny has one too but even before the case hearing can start! If they are like this with someone close to them then how ruthless and shrewd they must be with actual criminals and wrong doers. I cannot help the small shudder that runs through me.

I steal a small glance towards Shravan- I am still pissed with him for his dumb mistake day before yesterday, so am not talking to him much. As soon as my eyes reach his face my heart gives a jolt. He has his eyes on me!

My eyes lock with him over the heads of the other occupants of the room and his intense gaze seems to bore down on me. He just stares at me intently. I want to look away, break the eye contact but am not able to.

Suddenly he stands up, breaking eye contact with me. "I will be back when it is time to go in." He announces to the room in general sand strides out of the room without even sparing me another glance.

What just happened? Where did he go? I felt a pang in my heart that he did not tell me irectly or even ask me to go with him.

'You would not have gone with him.' My subconscious mind piped in and bit my lower lip. I know that is true. Had he asked me I would have given him a cold shoulder, the way I have been doing since past couple of days!

I keep looking at the door. He has been gone for so long I think glancing at the clock on the wall!

45 seconds?? That is all the time that has passed since he strode out? No has to be longer. I glance at my mobile to confirm – and it has indeed been less than a minute.

I drum my fingers on my mobile screen for a long time trying not to think of the tall sinfully distracting man.

I look at the time once again- 50 seconds?? Why is time not moving ahead?

Finally having had enough I stand up. "I am going out to stretch my legs a bit." I tell Pushkar quietly not wanting to disturb the other three. Ramnath uncle has been anyways shouting at them asking them to stop referring Aditya as Sunny Kapoor.

I am almost certain they are doing this intentionally to annoy uncle. These guys and their devious plans!

"You want me to come with you?" I heard Pushkar ask me and I shook my head. "I will not go far." I said and stepped out.

I ran my eyes around at the vast corridor. It was almost empty with multiple sessions going on in the courtrooms.

Where is Shravan? Why did I have to be so silly with him since past two days? "Now he is pissed with you Sumo and serves you right." I muttered softly leaning my back against a cupboard.

My eyes widened in horror as the door and I felt myself fall in- backwards. Something stopped my fall and I gave a gasp as I felt myself be pulled inside.

I realised two hands had stopped my fall and now had pulled me inside the cupboard.

I felt my heart stop beating for a moment as fear gripped me. I opened my mouth to scream out but a strong hand covered my mouth.

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