Chapter 16- The Talk

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Percy began to change things around camp. The gods haven't made contact with the camp since he made his appearance, which was about 2 weeks now. He was sure they're planning something. So, Percy decided to take action. He requested the reconstruction of the lava mountain and other courses of the training routines that were done years ago. He still didn't tell anybody his identity, but Chiron already knew. He had tears in his eyes the first time he laid eyes on him. He seriously has seen it all. His wisdom was truly infinite.

Either way, as soon as Percy has requested it, they immediately began working on it. He was given a great deal of respect and authority within the camp, just like he used to as Percy Jackson. It's actually quite funny. He saved the camp countless of times, and built up his reputation as a hero, and just like that, as soon as he's gone, his team, his camp, trembled. The gods have some nerve. They can't just waddle and take over their camp like that.

He watched over the construction. The satyrs were once again gone, gathering new campers and soon to be heroes.

Talking about satyrs, he noticed that Grover was gone. Oh no. He thought. Did Zeus spare Grover? This can't be happening. Percy kept his promise and took his own life for the sake of Grover's.

He rushed over to the construction zone where the lava mountain was being rebuilt. He asked one of the workers, a son of Nemesis, where Annabeth was. The son of Nemesis replied, "In the big house, giving the rest of the volunteers orders on the reconstruction."

He ran over to the big house after thanking him.

As he entered, he went to the ping pong table where there was a huge line. He assumed they were all volunteering to help the rebuilding of the camp. They named it, Operation Reformation. It was apparently a movement that was to build up the strength of the camp once more, led by Hope.

He went to the front, where Annabeth was sitting. As he was walking, all the campers stared at him.

Is there something wrong with my face? He thought. Nope. There's something certainly wrong with theirs. Mine is perfect, he snickered.

Everyone seemed to look at him with pride and hopefulness. It's not everyday you see someone that can scare Hera.

He looked back at them with the same eyes, eyes they couldn't see due to the cloak. But they knew, he loved his camp. They were his army, willing to give their lives for the betterment.

He continued his way to Annabeth. She finished giving orders to one person and got up as she saw him.

"I'm sure you're not here to volunteer. What do you want?" She asked with a bit of irritation in her voice.

"Can I talk with you for a second? It's urgent." He replied. He completely ignored her tone.

"Sure." She said. "Everyone! Take a seat somewhere in the big house and rest a couple of minutes. I'll get back to you in a few."

They walked to the back of the room and just sat there overthinking the last couple weeks that went by. Until Percy spoke up. "Did you know anyone with the name Grover? I heard he came here a couple . . . . . years back."

That caused Annabeth to tense. She relaxed after a couple minutes. "Yeah, what about him?"

That confirmed it for Percy. His suspicions were correct.

"What happened to him?"

"He just. . .went missing 5 years ago. He just, sort of disappeared." She said. After a long pause, she continued. "He was a great friend. The best kind to have. Fearless of death, willing to give anything up for other friends. Who was he to you?"

As she was saying this, Percy had a flashback of the day he died. He continuously told Percy not to take the promise, even for the cost of his own life. It was heartbreaking to figure out he died. Then that sadness inside Percy turned to anger. Zeus. . . He began to make a fist and grit his teeth. His eyes became red.

"Hey." She said while she grabbed the fist he made. "It's okay."

He instantly calmed back down. He didn't know what to do anymore.

"I'm sorry. It's just. . ." He had to tell her what happened to Grover. She didn't deserve not to know. "I know what happened to Grover."


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