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-Kaguya POV

Everything turned black. My dreams, no my memories were becoming real. It started with the birth of Hagoromo and Hamura.


The room was dark. Only a few candles where lit. My stomach was hurting. I screamed in pain. "Help me!" I yelled. Three lady's came in with with water and towels. I continued to scream. One of them was next to me. The other two where at the end of my bed.

"I'm going to count down. When I do, you will need to push...." Lady 1, at the end of the bed said. Lady 2 next to her gave a nod. The lady (Lady 3) next me grabbed my hand.

"Its going to be okay..." Lady 3 said. I gave them a nod. My stomach was hurting even more than before.

"1...2...3! Push!" Lady 1 yelled. I pushed as hard as I can. Come... out! I thought. After a few minutes of pushing, I heard a crying sound. I left my head to see.

"Its a baby boy!" Lady 2 said. I smiled and went back down. The pain came back. I continued to push. Then I heard another wailing sound.

"They're twins!" Lady 1 yelled. The pain finnaly went away. Lady 2 came with the twins. Lady 3 helped me up so I can hold them.

"What will you name them my lady?" Lady 3 asked. I felt my smile widden.

"The oldest will be Hagoromo and the youngest will Hamura..." I said. "Welcome to the world Hagoromo Otsutsuki, Hamura Otsutsuki."

Season's past, including year's. Hagoromo and Hamura grew up. Everything went by fast. Until that day came...

It was a normal day. Until Hagoromo went missing. I turned to Hamura. I narrowed my eyes at him. "Where is he?" I asked. Hamura refused to look at me. I stood up and circled him.

"Please... Don't make me do this." I said looking down.

"You already did..." Hamura said. I felt something go down my face.

"Very well..." I said with a cold voice. I rubbed my face with my hand, then turned to face Hamura. The sharingan and the rinnigan were one. I put Hamura under a genjustu. His eyes turned normal.

"Hagoromo went with a toad to be trained as a sage." Hamura said. I turned and walked way. A couple of days past. It was almost dark. Hagoromo walks inside the house.

"K-Kāsan..." Hagoromo said.

-mini time skip...

Hagoromo and Hamura were getting tired of fighting me. A few minutes later they were able to reach me. A that moment, my anger kept building.

"You can't do this to me!" I yelled. "Hagoromo! Hamura!" Rocks were crushing me. As the rocks were crushing me, I created something. I gave it life, my will. I smiled as I get sealed away. Everything went black again. All my memories came back to me.

~end of memory~

The dark that surrounds me, started to disappear. A few moments later, I felt my body move. As I woke up, everything became bright. Where am I? I thought. I heard the door slam open. It was Hanabi, Hiashi's youngest.

"H-Hanabi..." A quiet voice said. Behind her was Hinata. Then everything came back. I smiled at them.

"Its okay." I said, sounding like a younger version of Kaguya. "You can come in." Hanabi scratched the back of her head, embarrassed. The two girls sat next me.

"How long was I out for?" I asked.

"You slept for three days." A boys voice said. We all turned to see Neji standing at the door way.

"That long huh..." I mumbled. Then I thought of his death in the future and smiled at that. This is going to be fun...

(A/N: I'm sorry for not updating... my goal is to update at least once a week but... idk how that will work out...)

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