Do you remember? - Daniel Ricciardo

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Being one of the only female engineers around the paddock wasn't always easy, but it had the funny part for sure.

When you're a girl you have to know that will always have that someone who's going to flirt with you in a way or another. And with me it wasn't different at all. That's how I meet my stupid asshole and the best boyfriend in the universe, Daniel...
Today we're celebrating our 1 year anniversary and it was exactly in my fourth race of the season as Max engineer that he finally made the move...

"Dan?" I asked and he turned around to pay attention.

"Yes pikatchu?"

"Do you remember how you invited me to our first date?" I chuckle and he rolled his eyes

"Oh please don't remind me! I just used the worst pick up line I could!"

"It was pretty funny baby!" I laughed reminding...

Throwback - 1 Year Ago

As always I was ready to Join Christian and the guys at the pit wall. I fixed my headphones while gave my last words to Max before he left the garage. I went back to the drivers restroom to take some appointments, when someone just appeared from somewhere.

"Hey, You know what's beautiful? Repeat the first word! Ah shit not the first word I mean the second word!"

"Are you trying to flirt with me Ricciardo?" I asked trying to hold my laugh.

"For the past 5 months now..."

"I see!" I shook my head looking at his tomatoes coloured cheeks.

"So you wanna eat some coke? I mean, drink some cake? Shit I meant-"

"Yes I'll eat some coke with you Daniel!" I chuckle at his own stress. "Now I believe you have a car to drive, am I right?" He left smiling with those beautiful shiny brown eyes excited maybe with what was about to happen...
Sweet Daniel.


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