YourMan - Max Verstappen

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We watched all the Superman movies and Max was absolutely excited to do it.
He wanted to do with his friends but then he just decided that doing only with me would be more exciting and it really was. I'm not a big fan of Superheros but superman got his very own charm and well he is Mr. Superman.
I smiled looking at Max's excitement while I left to the kitchen to take the cake from the oven. But I accidentally burned my thumb which made me scream a bit. Max of course came like a torpedo and found me sucking my own finger which was hurt.

"You know you have something bigger and better to suck right?" He asked mischievously now sucking my swallowed finger.

"Why you have to turn things into sex?"

"I was talking about lollipops!"

"Yeah Satan's Lollipops right?"


"Son of a B-"

"Take it easy honey!!!" He chuckles and kisses my cheek. "You know baby, I want to be a superhero, guess what would be my name?"

"I don't know! Batman, superman..-"

"No No No! I would be YourMan!"

"You can be so smooth when you want!" I laughed.

"Well I know, now let me show you my HKP!"

"And what the heck is that?" I asked confused.

"Healing Kisses Power, Duh!"

"Oh my God!" I laughed harder now while he hugged me kissing my neck.

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