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Warning: very graphic content please do not read if you are under the age of 18

Third person POV

The bread was blushing, as much as a loaf of bread could.

It waited for Shrek to reach the kitchen, that's when he would finally be with his lover.

When Shrek reached the kitchen he looked at the loaf of bread straight in the eye as he opened the cupboard and pulled out a toaster. Shrek slammed the toaster on the counter and forcefully plugged it into the socket on the wall.

Shrek picked up a knife and slowly brought it down to the loaf of bread. He slowly pushed the  knife down into the loaf of bread. The loaf of bread would have made a noise but it could not talk, as it is a loaf of bread.

Shrek picked up the slice of bread that he cut off and brought it to the toaster. When he dropped the bread in the toaster, it could already feel the heat engulf it.

The bread was in agony, it spent two whole minutes in that toaster. It had felt like ages. But suddenly, the toaster popped up. It sent him flying out of the toaster.

The bread looked down at its body, which was now crispy and a dark brown color. The bread was happy and it hoped Shrek liked it too.

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