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Hello everyone!

So this idea has been in my head for a while, and I just started writing. I'd like to point out a few things about this story & the nature of its setting.

#Based [largely] on a true story

#This takes place in Sri Lanka

#Here, we have compulsory education till the age of 16, which is when we sit for GCE O/L's (for the first time)
Then, there is the choice of continuing school till the age of 19, which is when they face GCE A/L's, which are, forgive me, hard af (basically college level stuff in America & wayy harder than UK A/L's), but, pass it well and students stand the chance of entering a local government uni for a full course of their choice for free. It's free education, but only around 20% the students who sit for the exam actually get selected, due to limited facilities. Hence the extra hard exams. They can always apply for local private or foreign colleges or start a job.
Otherwise, students can start an external degree in a private institute after O/L's.

#In Sri Lanka, students attend mass, small-group & individual tuition classes which can either be at an external institution made solely for that purpose (which is the case for many mass & small-group classes) or at the teacher's or student's residence.

#Having a relationship when you're still schooling, which is practically until you're 19, is strict taboo with severe consequences, often leading to suicides depending on the strictness of the punishment they receive.

#An anonymous survey was done to find out whether society would accept same-sex marriages. 1% answered that they would. Legit stuff.

#Its a beautiful country with kind people as long as you touch their description of a good girl/boy.

#Good news: The present younger generation is visibly trying to change this. So there's hope. But for real, its beautiful because nature is very much untainted & cherished.

#I am not trying to shun my own kind. It's the truth. The stuff my friends & I face on a daily basis, and I figured many wouldn't know about living in the third world.
Also, this info is crucial to my plot.

**All names in this story are changed to protect their identities. (Though you can probably guess who the main character is--let me know if you do!)**

Thank you for reading! Let me know your opinions in the comments! :)

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