Chapter One

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Chapter One -

North’s leg bounced as he waited impatiently for the investigation leader to walk through the door. He craved the warmth of his flat and the knowledge that his wife was safe. It was becoming increasingly difficult, sitting at this table every day, his colleagues and boss oblivious of his secret. Paranoia pricked at his skin and North glanced around hastily, scanning the faces of his colleagues with suspicion. Not one person glanced his way.

Swallowing hard he looked down at the glossy mahogany table. There, he saw his reflection. Cold, dark eyes in clear need of rest, hard skin covered in stubble around his jaw. He looked haggard and unkempt. But the gloom that had intoxicated humanity saw that it was only a minority of people who cared for their appearance so his tattered manner went unnoticed these days.

The large arched door finally opened as Kieran Johnson shuffled through. He looked aged and fatigued, his wrinkling skin appearing all the more creased and his crippling walk seeming even more painful. His knowledgeable gaze met North’s and pierced him to his core. Glancing toward the table guiltily, to avoid the old man’s gaze, North found himself regarding at his reflection once more.

His colleagues quietened as the investigators that sat around the large table looked up at the man who stood in front of them. His presence was commanding and potent. North felt his heart thud violently as he scrutinised the man a second time. Without Johnson’s eyes on him, he was a bearable sight.

“I want somebody to tell me what the purpose of this investigation group is.” Johnson began, his voice dominating the air around him, despite the weariness lacing it. “What do we want to find?”

The members of the team simply regarded him, probably attempting to figure out whether Johnson’s was being serious.

When Johnson simply gazed back at them, North spoke. “We are to find a woman who has the ability to become pregnant and carry an embryo without any complications.” North didn’t look at Johnson as he responded with the too-obvious answer, but studied a bookcase that stood to his left instead. Despite his effort to not look at the man, North could feel Johnson’s scrutiny burning into him. Swallowing, North returned to observing his gaunt reflection.

“And then what will we do with this woman?” Johnson asked.

Potentially kill her by conducting tests to find the cause of her fertility, and forcing her to carry the children of other men until she is of use no more. Clenching his fists along with his jaw, North watched as his knuckles whitened. He inhaled deeply in attempt to calm his inner rant.

The man sat opposite to North answered the leader, clearly uncomfortable with the obvious nature of the question. “We will offer the woman protection from external threats and help in all way that is possible for her to give birth to a healthy baby.”

Johnson’s eyes closed and his withering hand shook on his cane. “For seventeen years we’ve been searching” he told his group of investigators “and found nothing.” His voice fell slightly and it was clear the meaning his words held saddened the man. A blanket of sorrow fell over the team of investigators as they regarded their leader, a pioneer whose life-long work had amounted to nothing.

“I always thought that I could entrust every single one of you” Johnson addressed his team “with my life. Over these years that we have worked together, I have grown close to each of you.”

Johnson’s tired gaze skimmed the people sitting around the table. It could have been his imagination, fuelled by paranoia, but North was certain that Johnson’s eyes lingered on him more than anyone.

“It confuses me then, how someone…no, how one of my friends…could betray me” he continued, dissecting his team of investigators with his contemplation.