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Y/N P.O.V:

I woke up finding myself still in just a towel, that's when i remembered last night. To be honest, i was still dumbfounded, everything was happening so quickly, everything happened so suddenly.

I wore my clothes and made some pancakes for breakfast when i heard a knock on the door making me frown.

I walked to the door and opened it being greeted with Jungkook holding his backpack, that's when reality hit me making me realize that we had a project to do.

"Oh hello!" I exclaimed.

"Hello noona..." He said shyly, i was older than him that's why he called me 'noona'.

"Enter!" I opened the door wide for him. I was still not sure if it was really him that i saw with Jimin yesterday but i believe my big ass eyeballs. He entered looking down making me smile.

"You came in the right time, i just made pancakes." I said.

"I-I'm not h-hungry-"

"Stop being shy and eat" I cut him off pulling him to the dinning table.

He sat down and pursed his lips as his shaking hand he held the fork, after a while of me eating like a pig, he didn't take not even one bite.

"Jungkook look at me..." As he lifted his head as i shoved a piece of pancake in his mouth.

That's when he went to the bathroom running and slamming the door after him, i got up from my chair following him.

I could hear him coughing harshly from outside the bathroom making me get more worried 'God i'm so stupid' I panicked.

"Jungkook are you okay?!" I asked as i heard him breathing heavily. After a while he got out with sweat rolling down his forehead.

"What happened?" I asked as i cupped his now pale face.

"I-I have an a-allergy towards e-eggs..." He looked down.

"Why didn't you tell me before? God i'm so sorry." I lifted his face by his chin looking deep in his eyes. I could see that he wasn't just wearing glasses but contact lenses too.

"I-It's o-okay..." he pursed his lips shyly.

"Would like coffee?" I asked.

"..." He stayed silent.

"You like coffee?" I asked, he nodded making me smile.

"Cool, go upstairs, the room completely in the right is mine, go there. I'll bring you coffee" I smiled.

"Y-You don't h-have t-to-"

"Just go..." I cut him off ruffling his hair playfully. I watched him making his way slowly upstairs with his backpack on his shoulders.

I poured coffee in 2 mugs and walked upstairs carefully trying my best to not pour coffee on the floor, i entered my room but he wasn't there.

I placed the two mugs on my a small table, i walked out of my room looking for him, i stopped in front of the library room as i saw his tall figure, he was reading a book.

I walked towards him with a smile, i stood next to him but he was too concentrated that he didn't even realize i was there.

I cleared my throat making him flinch and quickly putting the book at it's place before bowing.

"I-I'm s-sorry..." He bowed several times.

"It's okay stop bowing" I giggled making him blush.

"You liked that book?" I asked and he nodded. I took it from the cupboard and handed it to him.

"You can have it, i think it's better if a smart person like you have it, the time i wanted to read it i understood nothing, plus, romance books are not interesting for me, i prefer horror books" I chuckled giving it to him.

"A-Are you s-sure?" He asked hesitantly taking the book from my hand.

"Mhm" I made a sound with my mouth as i nodded.

"T-thank y-you noona" He bowed.

"Come on let's start the project! Do you want to work here or in my room?" I asked.

"I-I don't have a p-problem..." He said pushing his glasses up.

"Sit down there silly i know you wanna work here, i'll bring coffee" I chuckled before leaving the library room leaving him there dumbfounded.

I came back with the two mugs and placed them on the studying table before sitting across him, he was pursing his lips looking down the table.

"Stop being adorable and take a sip. I'm a professional coffee maker you will love it!" I said pushing the mug towards him. He took a sip and smiled cutely.

"You like it?" i asked.

"Yeah, thank you noona" he blushed looking down.

"Why are you so shy Jungkook?" I asked placing my chin on my palms.

"I-I'm like t-this..." He pursed his lips.

"Always? With everyone?" I frowned remembering him with Jimin.

"Y-Yeah..." He obviously lied since i saw how confident he was yesterday.

"Well can you at least be normal with me and look at me in the eyes every time i talk to you? I won't eat you" I smiled.

"I-I don't k-kno-" I cut him off lifting his chin up.

"Like this."

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