Chapter 6

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"She's my mum. "


Jungkook's POV:

We looked at her in astonishment. Jimin hyung's mouth fell open. I was the only one who reacted. I leaned over and hugged her. Tight, as if she would run out on me. She leant into me, her eyes wetting my shirt. But I didn't mind. I held her.

(Y/N)'s POV:

I leant into him. Something about him just felt right. I put my hands around him. He stiffened, then relaxed into my grip. Gently pulling me up, let's get you back home, he had whispered and I just nodded an ok. We led the way to the van, and when we returned home, I sank into a fitful sleep, the last good thought being that I called this place home.

Time skip ( I honestly cannot be bothered to write but I'm trying! )

When I woke up, it was already lunch time. Getting refreshed, I walked downstairs. Everyone was on their phones when I walked in.
" Yo! I'm making food, so tell me what you want. " Everyone looked up. There was a moment of silence and then - " Kimchi! Pizza! Pasta! Ramyeon! Soondae! Chicken! "
" Woah!! Calm down!  I'll make most of them. " I smiled and walked into the kitchen. The encounter with my mum was bad but - I feel better now. After the scent of spices filled the air, I went and made the chicken when I heard  crying. Making the last dish quickly, I ran into the living room.
" What's happened? " I just asked, when I saw Taehyung crying with everyone else around him. He was crying looking at his phone; the tears rolling of his face.
" Omo! Taehyung!"
I pushed my way through the group and sat beside Tae. Tae was hunched over and I put my hand on his back, asking him again.
" Taehyung. What happened!"
He just continued shaking from his sobs.
" Jin, go see to the food. Serve everyone except me and Taehyung. Bring out food here. The rest of you leave us. I'll handle this." Jin nodded, and everyone filed out.
"Taehyung, you need to tell me what's wrong. I can't help you otherwise. "
" I- I got into a drama!. "
" Oh my god Tae! I was so worried! I thought it was something serious-" My words stopped as I saw him laughing his head off. " Yah! " I slapped his shoulder. I couldn't look angry though. I was laughing to hard.

After explaining everything to the boys, we ate lunch and then everyone went of to do their own things, leaving me and Jungkook alone.
" So (Y/N), Want to watch anime with me? "
" OK!! " his face lit up on a cresent-eyed smile, making my inner fangirl erupt. Kyahhhh!!! He's so cuteeee!! Smiling too, we went to his room to watch anime.
" Ummm. (Y/N), my laptops broken." Aish, this Pabo.
" We'll just watch on my phone."

Plopping down on his bed, he lay down on his stomach next to me, so we were both lying down and staring at my phone on front of us.
" Whaddya wanna watch?"

" How about... Fairytail? "
Nodding assent, I played fairytail.

" NO NO NOOOOO!!!!" I was crying ,crushing my plushie.
" Hey (Y/N), it's okay. "
" No it's not! My Phone had to die at the best part! "
" We could do something else together. "
I perked up. " Truth and Dare?? "
" I thought you didn't like that game? "
" meh. I don't mind playing as long as it's not ... You know."
" I understand. "
Spinning the bottle, it landed on kookie.
" HHAHAH! My turn. Truth or dare? "
" Truth! "
I went for the most common question.
" Do you have a crush?"
" Nooooo..."
" You're lying! Kekeke. It alright kookie, I won't ask you to tell me. I'm not that mean! "
" You won't? "
" Nope."
" Yayyy!! "

Suddenly Jin burst into the room.

" Aishh, you pabos. Forgot about the concert? "
Me and and Jungkook looked at each other.
"Oops." We chorused. Rushing about, I went to get ready, and when I was we piled into the van.

A/N:  first things fort, I'm so sorry that I couldn't update in so long. I just couldn't be bothered. Also I'm thinking of ending the book soon, in about one chapter or two. Just a pre-warning. I hope you don't mind. That's all for now. Love ya!

P.S I want to say thank you to certain people for standing up for me. I've already thanked you, and you know who you are! But also, thank you all of you for your support. I know some people are criticizing my book, but I don't mind, as i use this to improve my writing. But can you please be a lite nicer about it? Or will make everyone happier.

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