I Know...

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(Y/n) P.O.V

I roll my eyes since my parents were downstairs, yelling at each. I lay on my bed and just look up at the ceiling. Remembering all the good times with this broken family. I didn't realize the tears roll down my cheeks. I growl and got up, rage was written in my eyes... I went downstairs once again. My parent continue to fight, getting close to each other. I walk in between them.

"STOP!! There is no need for all of this fighting! Haven't you notice you missing a daughter!? I'm taking a no! No you haven't! Well if you care, Hailey went after her dreams!! She needs support! From her parents as well! Haven't you notice the puppies are afraid?! Haven't you notice the stress you both are causing?! Have you forgotten about the happy family we used to be?! Now we're... Broken.."

I felt so many emotions, more tears roll down. 'Broken.. Broken.. Broken... Broken.. Broke.." My eyes widen..

"Honey, we.. Both feel awful. I know where isn't a way to solve our fighting.... "

When mom started talking. I space out..  'Broken... Broken.. Broke..' That phase continue to repeat itself.

"We're broke, aren't we?" My voice a little above a whisper.

"N-no! Just money issues."

"There no need.. For lying.. I realize it." I grab my sweatshirt and Snow, putting her in my pocket.

"Darling, where you going?"

"Finding a job." I reply back to my dad, putting my hood on and walking out the house.


After a few hours, I couldn't find a job. I walk pass Maris house/Bakery. My eyes widen. Maybe her parents need help. I walk inside and smile, as they smile back.

"Hey. Mari told me that she left with Hailey, to continue her dreams. That is wonderful for her!"

"Yes, we couldn't be prouder. But it does get busy without her." Tom said with a smile.

"Well I could help. Since, I know what to do, and watch Mari done it a couple of times. But thats only with you both okay with it."

"That will be wonderful. Thank you (Y/n)."

I smile softly and nod. "Okay. I'll start After school, tomorrow. Is that okay?" I saw Tom nod. I nod back and walk out. I look straight in front of me and saw Adrien... But with a girl. My eyes widen, as I felt something weird in my chest. 'Aren't we just friends?' I thought to myself. I saw Adrien kiss her forehead as she walk away. To another girl. My vision got blurry, but I blink the tears away.. 'Just friends.. Right? Why am I being this way?' I Sigh as I look down, and turn around to continue walking.

Adrien P.O.V

I wave off my cousin, Jasmine as she continue to walk with her friend... Rhelay, I think? I shrug off the thought and look behind me, where I saw someone by Mari house.. I walk over to them, and tap their shoulder. They then around, and I notice it Was... "(Y/n)? You okay?" I softly wrap her tears away.

She just shook her head, and sigh. "Its Nothing, Adrien. Who was your friend?" I notice she was lying.. I mean like we were friends since the age 5, but I let it go.

"It was my cousin, Jasmine." It seem like she sigh in.. Relief.

(Y/n) P.O.V

I did sigh in relief, I think he notice, but didn't bring it up. 'Just, cousins.. Wonderful... But still... Why am I... Feeling like this? Why? Just drop it, (N/n). Its gonna be just fine..."

Adrien wave his hand in front of my face as I blink a couple of times. "Sorry, just lost in thought." I smile.

I felt his hand off my cheek. The  warmth of his hand, felt relaxing, comfortable, smoothing..

'Am I? Really.. Just answer.. Am I... In love?... Or is this going to be just a crush?... Tell me... I need to know...'

"Hey, is it okay, if I walk you home? Since its like, 4 blocks away from my.. home.." He ask, but hesitate when he said home.

Of course I nod and smile, "You know you are always welcome." He softly chuckles and nods. So there we begin to walk home.

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