It's A Small World

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It's later afternoon as I put my suitcases in front of a small café. Some people are sitting outside and the manager of this café gave me permission to sing and earn some money. So I get my ukulele and tune it, before I start to play first some simple melodies to maybe get some of the peoples attention and than I go over to sing some songs. Happy by NeverShoutNever or BigCityDreams also by NeverShoutNever.


A while later, a small group of people is standing around me, what makes me a bit nervous, but it's okay. I want to sing a duet and I need to find someone, who wants to sing with me.

   "For the next and last song I need some help. Someone wants voluntarily?" Some people go, but I see a blond guy talking to a black haired girl, which slowly raises her arm. I smile and gesture for her to come to me. "Hey, I'm Elisabeth." I introduce myself.


 "I hope you are okay with this." I say, looking to the blond guy, who is smiling and looking fondly at Katrina. She smiles and nods. I give her a piece of paper with the lyrics.

   "I know this song." she claims.

   "Awesome! Higher or lower?"

 "Higher." I nod.

   "Okay, so you sing Dodie and I Jon. Ready?" She nods and I start to play.

   "Do you want to go first? Cause I'm happy to wait. I practiced really hard, but I'm finding it strange to start with you."

 "So how does it go? I've forgotten the tune. I haven't warmed up today, so I might sound a bit strange... Yes I do."...


We end with the last "swear it's true. I'm just a little nervous in front of you." together and I play the last two chords. The people around us clap and Katrina and I bow down. We are both smiling at the people around us.

   "Thank you for helping me, Katrina." I say thankfully and she nods smiling, before she goes back to her boyfriend, at least I guess he is her boyfriend.

   I turn to the crowd. "Thank you all for listening!" I say with a smile. "It was a pleasure to play for you." I look through the men and women before I put my ukulele in the bag.

   "So that's my money then, right?" I stand up and turn around to see a slightly taller boy with brown skater hair. You can also call it emo hair, but I prefer skater hair. He holds my cup with the money I legally earned in his hands.

   "What?! No!" I say shocked and grab the cup. The boy just smiles. No idea why.

   "But I bought this cup and it even has my name on it." Confused I look at the cup as I suddenly know what's going on. He's that guy who got pushed into me. Colby.

   "Right. I'm sorry, didn't recognize you. So many faces since I'm here." I put the money in my wallet and the wallet in my bag. "It was nice to see you, again, but I have to go." I grab my luggage and am about to go, but he steps in front of me.

   "Why do you still have your suitcases?" I frown.

   "Why do you care?" He shrugs and smiles.

   "I want to know." I tilt my head and sigh with a frown on my face. Why would he?

   "The hotel I wanted to stay in decided to shut down and now I have to find another one to stay for, I don't now how long and it's depressing." I smile slightly. It feels kinda good to talk about it with a stranger. I don't know why. Probably because I know he doesn't really care and I won't see him again.

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