Chapter 44 - More Friends and Family

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"I take it Fudge was insisting on the trial date even though Harry will be a key witness?" Draco checked.

"Of course," she replied.

"He'll wet himself when he finds out you woke up," Greg added in an apparently delighted tone.

Draco allowed himself some smug satisfaction at the thought.

"The problem will be making sure the court believe Harry and Sirius," he said as he went through the possibilities in his head. "It doesn't matter who else testifies if we can do that."

"What about Veritaserum?" Harry asked.

"They would just claim Sirius was resistant to it," Draco replied.

"And since it doesn't work on Hecatemae ..." Pansy added.

"It's doesn't?"

Draco felt the surprise coming from Harry.

"It works using the magical centres," Draco replied and added yet more to his list of things Harry still didn't know about himself, "and yours don't function like anyone else's, hence you are resistant to it."

"Oh," was all Harry said.

"There was a famous case involving Clementine Drowsy, a Hecatema from America," Pansy said. "It's admissible in court in some places over there. She failed all the test questions by lying outrageously."

"How do you know this and I don't?" Harry asked.

"Apparently she didn't want to be there and was quite vulgar," Draco explained. "It's one of those naughty stories children whisper and giggle about and embellish with every telling."

Pansy and Greg nodded in agreement.

[Wonder if the knowledge transfer works in the other direction,] Harry commented silently, [because I could really do with all this trivia.]

"When did this happen?" Harry asked out loud.

"Eighteen something or other," Greg said, "I remember that much."

"So is there anything else we could use that is allowed in court?" Harry asked.

"Not that I know of," Pansy replied with a shrug.

"We just have to make sure that all testimony is heard," Draco decided. "As long as Harry and Sirius get to give full statements they will be believed. It's legal games we have to guard against."

[They didn't believe me before,] Harry said.

[You're not a boy anymore,] Draco reassured him, [you're a man and you've proven yourself too many times. Fudge has failed and everyone knows that. What we have to watch out for is political games.]

Only a feeling came back and Draco knew Harry didn't like the uncertainty, but then he was a Gryffindor. The courts were a Slytherin playground.

"Tell us everything we need to know," Draco said simply and prepared to let Pansy do all the talking.

* * *

The next two days were full of eating, sleeping and visits from friends and family. It had been when Narcissa visited that Harry had felt the most guilt. Draco's mother hadn't stopping hugging Draco for five solid minutes. She had briefly hugged him too, but his shields were less than stellar at the moment, so that had been it.

Sirius had been in three times and each time Harry was struck by how much younger his godfather looked. This was not the man who had been stuck in Azkaban. It was as if dying had restored what imprisonment had stolen. Harry could see so many more reflections of the boy from his parents' photo album.

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