Can I Even Move On...

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"Wow, I'm so lucky I ended up in Camp Jupiter, the place I was just thinking of going to." Percy said. "Really? Why don't you want to return back to Camp Half-Blood?" Frank mused. Hazel elbowed him. "Oh, right, Annabeth..." Frank realized. "Come on, guys, let's greet our old friends..." Percy weakly said, trying to hide his feelings.

They arrived at the Little Tiber. Percy remembered when he lost the Curse of Achilles when he crossed the little river while carrying old hippie Juno/Hera. He remembered not remembering anything except for Annabeth. Annabeth. The girl who cheated on him with that son of Ares.

"Halt, who goes there?!?" The guard Ryan calls. "Praetor Frank Zhang, Hazel Levesque and former Praetor Percy Jackson." Frank hollered. As soon as he finished, the gates opened, revealing Camp Jupiter's New Rome.

Everything was the same as he remembered except for the fact that Octavian was now gone. Octavian died to close the Gates of Death. Everything looked perfect, as if a war never happened.

"So, what are you guys doing now that the war against Gaea is over?" Percy asked, trying to keep his mind away from incoming memories. "Well, we mostly stay at camp since most monsters still want revenge for the defeat of their mistress Dirtface herself. We rarely go out into the mortal world." Hazel replied.

They passed a group of demigods playing paintball with Lares. The smile on their faces reminded him of all the fun times he had in Camp Half-Blood, especially the times he spent with Annabeth. He tried in vain to shake those memories away from him.

He was so lost in thought that he didn't hear someone say "Percy?!?" in astonishment. He was snapped out of his thoughts when he was tackled by a blur of purple and gold.

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