Vic : " oo nga pala, sorry manang "

Manang Pileng : " maliit na bagay yun sige na maligo ka na "

I'm here outside Mika's condo I have my sunglasses on cuz my head still hurts

She slowly got in my car

She kissed my cheek and sat in the passenger seat

She didn't say anything

Until a few minutes...

Mika : " what's with the sunglasses?"

I can feel that she's trying to lighten up the mood cause clearly there's tension between us right now

Vic : " masakit ulo ko. "

She suddenly grabbed my colar and she was trying to fix it I guess sa sobrang pag mamadali ko hindi ko na ayos

There's a red light.

So I grabbed her hand at nilayo ko yun sakin

Vic : " I can manage "

I coldly said

I can see her face became sad and I saw that she was a little hurt by what I did

It was green light already so I continued driving

Mika : " uminom ka na ba ng gamot para sa ulo mo? "

Vic : " oo "

Mika : " bakit ba sumakit yang ulo mo? "

Vic : " hangover "

Mika : " bakit uminom ka? "

Vic : " ay hindi trip ko lang mag ka hangover kahit hindi ako uminom "

I sarcastically said

She was looking at me and I can see hurt in her eyes.

She's about to get out of my car of course she kissed my cheek and said

Mika : " I'll see you later, love "

Vic : " will I or hahatid ka na naman ng boss mo? "

Mika : " Vic... "

Vic : " I'm just asking. "

Mika : " no hindi niya ako hahatid what happened yesterday will be the first and last. I'm sorry Vic I love you "

Vic : " okay."

She got out of my car and I didn't even wait for her to go in I just drove off as soon as she was out of my car.

Mika's POV

When I got out from Vic's car I was almost in tears.

Nakakaiyak lang kasi yung treatment na binibigay sakin ni Vic

She's never been like that towards me

I can't...

I didn't go straight to my office I went to bathroom first I don't want anyone to see me like this

I looked at the mirror in front of me I can see my eyes still tearing up

Vic's POV

It's only been 20mins since I got here in my office when...

* insert phone ringing *

Vic : " hello Lisa? "

Lisa is my new assistant

Lisa : " Uhm ma'am ms.Mika is here"

Vic : " okay let her in "

I hang up

What in the world is Mika doing here I just dropped her off in her building

The door slowly opened and there she was her eyes are a bit red

I stayed put in my chair

Vic : " what are you doing here? "

She ignored my question and sat down in the couch which is at the corner

Mika : " can you please sit down with me here "

She tapped the space beside her

I stood up and sat down beside her.

As soon as I sat down she hugged me so tight she started crying her silent crying became sobbing

I held her tight and pulled her closer to me

I just let her cry as I hold her

When she calmed down

She spoke

Mika : " I'm so-sorry "

She was trembling I have never seen her like this and it honestly hurts seeing her like this

Mika : " I'm so sorry, hindi naman kita ikanahihiya and I never will "

Mika : " pleae forgive me, I'm so sorry about yesterday "

Vic : " shhh it's okay, love "

I softly caressed her hair trying to comfort her

Vic : " I guess I kinda over reacted yesterday I'm sorry din hindi ko kasi maiwasan na ma-insecure "

Mika : " bakit ka naman na-iinsecure? "

She was a bit more calmed now

Vic : " love, lalake yun may maiibigay yun na hindi ko kayang ibigay "

Mika : " pero wala naman ako pakielam sa kaya niyang ibigay sakin Vic ikaw lang kuntento na ako sobra sobra pa nga ang binibigay mo sakin eh "

Vic : " I'm sorry love I let my insecurities get the best of my "

Mika : " I'm sorry too, I love you so much ikaw lang "

Vic : " I love you more "

We were starring at each other our faces so close together when I decided to close the gap and kiss her lips tenderly.

Hmmm I missed her lips

We let go from our kiss cause we needed air

We didn't talk we just sat there hugging each other.


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