Megan’s P.O.V.

                “Hey boys first show tonight! Up, up, up! It’s going to be a big big big day!” I yell as I run into their rooms in the hotel with a pot and pan in hand. I walk into Louis and Harry’s shared room first knowing Louis will be easy to wake up and he’ll help me with the other boys. Especially Harry he’s impossible to get up. “Ok Louis it’s time to get up!” I walk over to his bed and get up and start jumping up and down on it still clanging it together. “GET UP! GET UP! GET UP! GET UPPPPPPPPPPP! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!” I feel my feet fly out from under me and I fall down on Louis. I feel the pot come up and hit me on the forehead! “Ow ow ow ow! Louis you jerk!”

                “Uhhh what?” Louis mumbles from under me.

                “I woke you up, and you made me hit myself in the head with a pan!” I yell right in Louis face.

                “Well, it’s your fault for trying to get me up with a pot and pan!” He suddenly flings up, causing me to fall down and hit me on the head again with the pan.

                “OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! Omg Louis this frickin’ hurts!” I yell again grabbing my head.

                “Wait what happened? Are you alright? What happened? Louis what did you do?” I suddenly see Harry pop up and yell.

                “Nothing Louis just hit me in the head with this pot. Twice.” I look over at Louis and smirk. Time for his revenge for eavesdropping one month ago. (They thought I forgot but I didn’t! Mwahahaha!) Louis looked at me with shock. To all these boys I’m like a little sister and if anyone hurts me their dead, even one of their best friends.

                “You did what Louis?! Why would you do that? You idiot!” Harry pounced on Louis bed and they started wrestling.

                I pulled out my phone and took a picture of them and posted it on picture with a caption saying “Trouble in Larry Stylinson paradise? </3”. When I looked back up and the boys were still fighting. I decided to go back and wake up the rest of the boys. Not with a pot and pan for the rest of them. Finally the two boys had stopped fighting and I got up the rest of the boys. It did take quite a while though. I might’ve had to threaten to throw hair products out, Shove spoons in someones face, and ban them from Nando’s when we get back to England, but finally they were up and ready. (Outfit right here>

                “Come one boys! Leggo!” I say as I sprint out the door. I quickly run to the elevator and close it before they can get in, but by the time I get down there their already there! “How did you do that?” I ask shocked.

                “Magic,” Louis says before they all run out and into the limo awaiting our arrival.

                “Watch out!” I yell as I run in and land on their laps. “Mornin’ boys!”

                “Get off!” They all says and push me to the floor of the limo.

                “Ow! Ow, my shoulder! I think I heard a pop! Omg it hurt so bad! Omg you guy look at what you’ve done! And Simon is visiting again.” I yell grabbing my shoulder.

                “Oh god. Oh god. Oh god. Oh god!”

                “Guys, Simon’s gonna kill us!”

                “Are you sure it’s broken?!”

                “This is all your fault!”

                “No it’s your fault!”

                I hear all these things as I turn around and try to keep myself from laughing. These boys are so gullible!

                “Oh, Megan are you crying? We’re so sorry we didn’t mean to!” All the boys rush over to me and stop going on and on and on about how much trouble their gonna get in. I quickly try to get tears to prick up in my eyes. “Awww, guys she is crying. I’m sorry.”

                “It’s all right guys. I know you didn’t meant to do it! Give me a hug.” I say as I wipe the tears out of my eyes. I deserve an academy award. I raise my arm to hug them back. “Owwwwwwww, bad idea my arm hurts so bad! Omg how am I going to dance or get changed quickly. Guys this is bad!”

                “Boys, we’re here. Oh and Megan, sorry!” I hear the driver say from the front.

                “Thanks Ted.” We all say as we climb out of the car.

                “Oh and good luck with your arm Megan,” He winks.

                “Thanks Ted. I need all the luck I can get,” I wink back as Louis helps me out of the car.

                We go into the arena and see Simon there waiting for us as we come through the door.

                “UNCLE SIMON!” All the boys run at him and hug him.

                “Boys, nice to see you and Megan.” He says and walks over to hug me as well.

                “Oh, you might not wanna do that,” Louis says as the boys run over and block his way to me.

                “Why not?” He says suddenly suspicious.

                “Yeah why not?” I add and walk around the boys and hug Simon.

                “What? How? Why doesn’t it hurt? What’s going on? What about- HEY!” I hear all the boys yell as the confusion is wiped off their face and is replaced with anger.

                “Wait what’s going on? Megan what did you do this time?” Simon asks and pulls away from the hug and looks at me confused.

                “Well see before I got the deal the boys eavesdropped on me and my friends, Melissa, conversation. So to get them back I pretended I the car I pretended to pop my arm out of it’s socket in the car ride over.” I explain and Simon laughs.

                “Oh ok. Nice Megan. Well anyways let’s get down to business.” Simon says and the boys looked shocked.

                “Wait she’s not going to get in trouble?” Zayn asks and looks at all the other boys.

                “Well, see the sooner you realize this, the better. I’ve also learned it from experience. Don’t mess with girls. Especially when they are having a private conversation. Now again we need to get to business. I’ve got someone I need to introduce you too! Girls come out!” He says and I see a girl with red hair and green eyes and another girl who looks like she was dipped in a bag of doritos come out. “Guys this is Erin and Ashley!"

              Oh hell no!

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