Chapter 8

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Ville was rather dumb.

As a teen.

He was dumb in one particular sense.

Yes, exactly, in that one.

By the time his classmates were going out, falling in love, discussing the girls in their class and the high schoolers, and some of them were even having their first sexual experiences, Ville was still spending most of his time hanging out with Linde and Mige in the basement of Mige's house.

Mige wasn't asking him why he didn't have a girlfriend. Mige didn't have one either, although he was two years his senior. Mige was a fair, hairy, chubby and charismatic dude, who knew Lovecraft by heart. Mige's mom used to tell him: "Mikko, you'll never find yourself a girl, unless you stop reading that Lovecraft."

'And what is the connection?' Mige would ask her resentfully.

'Because what he writes is pure Madness and Satanism! I've tried to read some, and it is horrible...'

'Where does the madness leave off and reality begins?' Mige meekly recited the words of his favorite author. Ville was standing next to him in the doorway; he came round after school, because he and Mige planned to go to the music store in the downtown for some window-shopping. Mige was supposed to take his mom's car. Ville didn't want to witness their conversation about Mige's personal life, he just happened to be there. And he felt rather uncomfortable.

'In that very book of yours,' Mige's mom said. 'Right on the first page.'

'Mom, that book contains the ultimate truth. The most merciful thing in the world is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents...'

'Oh dear God. Cut it off.'

'...We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far,' Ville continued the phrase.

'See, mom, Ville understands me,' Mige said.

'Unless your Ville plans to become the first man to give birth, that doesn't take me any closer to having grandchildren, does it?'

Ville timidly hid his head in his shoulders and opened his eyes wide:
'Why me? I'm just waiting here for Mikko, we wanted to go to the store. To the music store.'

'What's the point for you to go there? You don't even have the money to buy anything.'

'To have a look,' Mige said expressively.

'To have a look,' Ville nodded just as expressively.

'Didn't you do that last week?'

'Mom, you just don't understand.'

'No, I do not!'

'I don't get why women have to make so much fuss over their children?' Mikko muttered at the Creation, puffing, while putting on his shoes. The Creation remained silent, his mother, however, did reply:
'Are you seriously asking me that question? You. My Son. Asking that from your Mother.'

'Mige, it seems like our logic has just suffered a crushing defeat in this ideological conflict,' Ville subtly and tenderly drove his leg under his friend's knee from behind, so that Mige nearly fell.

'Stop fucking doing that, asshole!'


'Whoops,' Ville giggled.

'Get out of here. Both of you. Now!' Mige's mother gave up on her attempts to pass some wisdom on her offspring.

'Mom, can I take the car?' Mige asked swiftly.

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