[4] First Day of School (part 2)

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Jess' POV (will be her POV unless said otherwise)

"Wow Phe, you can really be sassy at times." Compliments Shelby.

"Thanks Shub," I said lowering my voice, "That's why they call me Sassmau." We both giggled and approached the two girls.

"Hi, I'm Phoenix and she's Shubble. What're your names?" I ask.

"Oh, I'm Lucinda and she's Emmalyn. Thanks for helping us, they wouldn't stop bothering me since I'm a witch." She says looking down.

"Hey! Don't worry, you guys can sit with us!" Chirps Shelby.

"Really? Thanks!" Replies Emmalyn. We entered the cafeteria. "In this school, we usually sit in groups. Over there are the Jury, AKA the populars or in other words, bullies. Then there's the nice populars, athletes, werewolves, meif'was, nerds, naturalists, and finally there's us, the losers and loners."

"No way! Let's go introduce ourselves to the nice populars." I say, dragging the two girls with Shelby following close behind.

"Hoi! I'm Shubble, these are Phoenix, Emmalyn and Lucinda. Can we sit with you guys?" Asks Shelby.

"Sure! I'm Katelyn, that's Kawaii~chan, Cadenza, Nicole, Teony, Laurance, Travis, Garroth, Sky, Mithzan, Scape, Barney, Weeniebutt, Dante and that's Kai." The blue-haired girl said pointing to each of them.

"Hey~ you ladies look like you need some TLC, Travis love and care~" Shelby facepalmed while I knocked him out cold.

"I think we're gonna get along just fine." Says Katelyn.

"Oh look Gene, the populars have yet again let another loser in." Snickers the girl that tried to trip me at homeroom. I growled under my breath.

"Look, if you've got nothing good to say don't say anything at all." Max snapped at them.

"Or what?!" Says another guy with brown hair. "You're gonna throw your food at us? Ooh, I'm so scared!"

I sighed and knocked him unconcious. "Unless you two wanna meet the same fate, I suggest you scram." Then they left.

"Wow Phe, first standing up to Ivy, Michi and Lily, and now knocking Zenix out and scaring Gene and Sasha away! You're so cool!" Compliments Emmalyn.

I blushed a light pink. "Thanks."

Some time later

Science was... interesting. Not really, but the teacher was. Probably the craziest teacher in the school, I also heard he was the former principal.

I glanced at my schedule. Werewolf class? But I'm no werewolf! I sighed and sat down next to the only other human in the class.

"Hi! I'm Phoenix, and you are...?" He just looked away. I sighed and started doodling. I drew the Sky Army, chibi-style. I barely paid any attention to class.


Welp, that's the bell. I got up and headed to the gym, leaving my textbook and notebook at my locker on the way there.

"Alright class! I am Coach Arnold, your Physical Education and Combat teacher. Get your uniforms from the box beside me and change. Today we will be doing some combat to see what level you are on." Mr. Arnold told, more like yelled to us.

I grabbed the uniform with my name on the packaging and went to the restroom to put it on, then left my clothes in my locker.

"We will be doing 1v1 swordfighting; I will be the one to choose your partner." A collective groan from the class rung through my ears. "The pairings will be:

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