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Pen Your Pride

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A/N: The book is nearing 😬 what ever shall I do with my life? 🤷🏽‍♀️ enjoy the chapter, and excuse any typhoes.

A/N: The book is nearing 😬 what ever shall I do with my life? 🤷🏽‍♀️ enjoy the chapter, and excuse any typhoes

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        Zealand and I met up with his homeboy and his girlfriend at Olive Garden. Trap was cool—he'd been hanging with Z since they were little. He, too, was of a milk chocolate complexion but with long dreadlocks that were styled in two braids. His girlfriend, Julissa, was a slim girl with dark brown skin and long wavy hair. I don't know why she found me cool, but she did, and she was cool too. After eating, they took us to this smoke out down in the city. It took place at somebody's house, down in the basement. It was truly packed.

J's on my feet,
J's on my feet,
J's on my feet,
So get like me—. . (. .)

23 blared by Mike Will Made It, Wiz Khalifa, and Miley Cyrus.

       The music was A1, there were colorful disco strobe lights, with hella long tables and chairs where people smoked hookah or weed. Drinking was involved, as well. People were blowing hookah bubbles, too. Zealand would vibe with me, cuddling me from behind as we shared a cup. I smoked, here and there, blowing hookah bubbles with Julissa. The guys were just being them; while they were hard and tough, they also had goofy and playful sides when in the right environment. I honestly laughed throughout the whole night at them, with their childish jokes and funny ways. This night was cool. .

        Zealand then returned me to my mom's place, kissing me goodnight when walking me to the door. The kiss wasn't simple; it was heavy, against the apartment door, and came with groping in inappropriate places. But, we were just being young. . I loved that boy. He kept me smiling. When we did stop messing around in the hallway, I used my key to enter the apartment, getting smacked on the ass before going inside. I giggled, kissing him one more time before he left.

"I love you."

"I love yo ass, too. See you tomorrow."

. .

        The apartment was dark. The living room was very spacious with clean carpeted floors, but mostly empty due to us not having furniture yet. Footing through, I walked down the short hall to my bedroom, turning the light on when entering and shutting the door. There was a white plastic 5 drawer storage chest in the room where I placed my clothes; sheets and a cover were folded on the floor near the blow up mattress. I removed my gladiator sandals, unfolding the air mattress and attaching the air pump to it.

Waiting on that to finish, I stripped down to my black underwear, grabbing a tank top to slip on from the dresser. I then plugged my dead phone up into the wall. It came on, allowing my phone to receive the messages it missed while being off.

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