~1 week later ~

Dominique's POV

Today is the day where I will go back to school. Stressful really.

I'm nervous for two things. First, I'm scared that fans and paps will mob me. Secondly and most of all, I'm scared about people's reactions about me being with Harry.

Anne dropped to school which was quite pretty cool to ride in her very cool car that Harry bought for her.

"Dom?" I turned around. "Yes mom?" She smiled as soon as I said the word 'mom'. "Call me anytime if you have something wrong." She smiled.

"Sure." I replied. "Take care Dom." She wished me a luck and I smiled. This is what moms are supposed to be.

As soon as I opened the door, all the stares were at me. Okay great what now.

As I walk through the hallway, I could hear the murmurs about me. But I didn't mind. I walked towards my locker anyways not minding all of them.

"Dom?" I turned around to see Natalie. "Yes Nat?" I asked.

"I really don't know how to say this but....ummm......" She paused. What?

"What really happened to you and Harry that night?"

"What night?" I asked with all curiousness.

"When you were in the restaurant with Harry." She replied.

"Oh-" But before I could continue the one and only Amira came. Amira is this bullshit that I had ever since I was in the second grade.

Yes I mean it. She's really bullshit if you'll experience her wrath.

"Well. Well. Well. Guess who's here. Harry Styles' bag." Grrr. I swear I'll kill her.

I was about to defend myself when Natalie stood in front of me to defend. AWWWW she's too sweet.

"What did you just call my friend?" She defended.


"Be careful with your words bro. Let's see who will be put in the garbage in a few days." Natalie said. Garbage what? What does she mean by garbage? And who is she referring it to?

"Oh I will see." Amira glared at Natalie. "Good thing you do. See you in hell." I never thought Natalie was this sarcastic. "And you too Parker. See you." She said before turning away.

"See you too!" I replied sarcastically making Natalie laugh.

"You're a legend." I told Natalie and she smiled. "Let's see who will be successful." She mimicked the words that she said to me when we were still enemies making me laugh.


"So you're really Harry's sister?" Victoria asked.

"Umm....can we just talk about this later? I mean like.....look! The ice cream's melting." Ysabella said trying to twist the topic. But it was no use.

"It's okay Ysa. I'll handle this." She nodded.

"Yes I am his sister." I replied making them shocked.

But when I turned to look at Natalie, she had a big grin on her face and she froze. Hi Anna. ;)

"You okay Nat?" Annie smiled while laughing at Natalie who's currently fangirling inside.

"I...cannot....believe.....this." She replied while fangirling and we all laughed.

"Hey." Victoria pointed to someone. "What?" I asked. Natalie pointed to someone who was behind me. I turned around to see Trey. The hot paparazzi whom I met.

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