Battle of Storms

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The shouts that tailed right after his didn't make it any better.



Ayah broke free from their grip, flying over the bush and around the trees.

"What the—how the hell did those idiots—" started Emily.

Kai barely restrained himself from crying out as he leapt to catch Ayah and ended up on his bad leg. Fortunately, Tala had moved to follow her at the same time and managed to catch Kai before he face planted into the bush.

"You too, Dragoon!"

Out of all the times to randomly show up to be the hero! Kai cursed under his breath even as he planned to throttle the dragon wielder within an inch of his life. Why can't he ever just mind his own business!?! And those others—Max and Ray had probably played the perfect enablers as they always had! Ray, at the least, might have put up a fight of logic, but Max would have bounced to front and center with Tyson's harebrained scheme to rescue Kai from a group of blood thirsty assassins. Really!

Before his eyes a memory of Tala's blood arching high to splatter on his face replayed.

Ahead of him, Tala, despite the blood loss, had managed to catch up to Ayah. He threw himself atop her, throwing them both to the ground.

"Are you crazy?" he hissed before he had to pin down her flailing hands. "He sees you out and we're all dead."

A shriek of pain from one of his teammates sent Kai launching over the two of them, regardless. This time he made sure to land on his good leg. Adrenaline pumped through him so hard, his vision throbbed with the force. Everything went cool and hot, quick and slow, the pain of his leg all but vanished. He brought Dranzer around, silver sharpened attack blade gleaming like a mirror in the bright sun.

He could see them now—Ray had fallen to his knees. Max stood on guard before him, face turned upwards to the sky. Tyson couldn't be seen.

With a great heave on his good leg, he burst through the last of the trees, launcher trained to the sky at the black shape high above.

"Dranzer!" he roared, tearing his rip cord so quick sparks flew and his elbow and shoulder popped from the strain.

Once more, flames erupted from the end of his launcher. Dranzer flew up as a brilliant flashing dot in a pinwheel of yellow-white fire. The spirit of the phoenix gave its most piercing battle cry.

Kai barely had the time to register the surreal sight Cain made beating the sky with his enormous, sun swallowing black wings before Dranzer engulfed him in flames. Then Kai blinked and Cain reappeared, a black spot against the ever blue, and Dranzer's spinning disc shot back towards the earth.

Even at the distance, Kai could see Cain's teeth as he bared them at him.

This was it. He was going to die. There was no way Dranzer could protect him from razor sharp winds with her flames. Tyson, Max, and Ray hadn't even the time to know what was going on let alone know what to defend Kai from.

From his right came a great whirlwind of wind, so harsh and sudden he could feel it tear dirt across his face. A circle blur of white-blue shot out before him.


What he could only describe as a hurricane ensued as Dragoon's winds battled against the razor wind sickles of Cain. The force of the air heaved Kai up and threw him back over the stones and underbrush, knocking the breath out of him from the force of a tree.

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