Zayn and Risa

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Zayn’s P.O.V.

“Truth or dare?” Louis asks

“Uh, truth” I say

“Um, oh I got it, who was your first kiss?” Louis asks

“Um…” I began to say

“Aww….. has Little Zayn not had his first kiss” Harry cooed

“Have you?” Liam asks

“No” I mumble

They all burst out laughing

“It’s not funny!!” I boomed

“You’ve never been kissed” Harry laughed

I shot up, and left the room, to escape the laughter of my own band mates.


So what if I’ve never been kissed, maybe I’m saving it for someone special, someone I actually am in love with. I’m not like Harry, going around kissing every girl on the face of the planet. And I don’t have a girlfriend, so that’s out of the question.

I decide I should go for a walk, in the park. Just to clear my head, and get away from the boys.

Once I got there, I decide to climb a tree, I’ve always use to climb trees when I was upset or angry.

I climb to the third branch, which is a good 20ish feet up. Then I hear this muffled sniffle, coming from a little higher than me.

I look up and see a girl, not just any girl but a beautiful girl, but she’s crying.


I decide I’ll find out why she’s crying.

So I climb up to the branch she’s on which is two branches above mine.

“Hey” I sooth

She looks up and I meet her eyes

Wow, she’s gorgeous.

I got a better look at her, she has brown hair with eyes, and she’s wearing jeans and a t-shirt that says linkin park on it.

“W-who a-are you?” She snaps me back to reality

I chuckle

“I’m Zayn Malik” I say cautiously

“Aren’t you famous or something?” She asks

I laugh

“Yep, I’m from the boyband called one direction” I explain

This time it was her turn to laugh

“Your funny, I like that” She chuckles

“I try, I try” I joked

We both just sitting in a tree laughing our butts off

“Can I ask you a question?” I ask her

“You just did” She giggles

I laugh

“What’s your name?” I ask serious this time

“Risa” She clarifies (ree-sa)

“That’s a pretty name” I flirted

I didn’t realize how close we were till she spoke and I felt her soft lips brush mine.

“Kiss me” She whispered

So I lean in a kiss her.

The only two things going through my mind was:

I found the girl I love, and I got my first kiss with her.


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