chapter 1

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It was a bit of a drive from Liverpool to London but Virginia Harrison's parents had more faith in Muggle transportation than the Muggles did. She sat there, listened to her music, stared out the window, reading her book on and off until she got lost in thought, sometimes having a spirited debate with her mother, her father continuing his drive and laughing at their comebacks only to butt-in with his own.

This ride was different. It was quiet. Her parents were playing music, but Virginia was listening to her own. She couldn't bring herself to read, she didn't want to read and that was never didn't want to read. She was jittery. She had received her Hogwarts letter. Now it was time to buy her first year supplies and think about her next upcoming seven years of education as a young wizard.

She had always known she was magical. There was no doubt about her parents abilities. Though she lived in Liverpool, big Muggle territory, her parents most definitely practiced magic. Her father told her stories about Hogwarts and his house, Gryffindor. Her mother told her stories of Ilvermorny and her house, Thunderbird. There was no question about Virginia's own powers. When she was three, she accidently somehow conjured four more birthday cakes after hers had been eaten completely.

Her parents had never been more proud.

Diagon Alley was their destination for all of the supplies Virginia would need. She had been there before with her parents and was more excited to finally get a wand than she was excited to go to Hogwarts. Her own parents had always been something to marvel at, well taken care of and each matching the personality of her parents. Her father was not a force to be reckoned with, raised to be braver than anything, stronger than fear. His wand was not easy to bend. Her mother's was made of willow due to how accepting she was of new ideas and philosophies. She was a wise woman who was enlightened beyond her years.

They arrived mid-day, Virginia walking in between her parents as she touched the few Galleons in her pockets that she had received on her birthday in April. She loved the warm sun on her skin, the atmosphere and smell of Diagon Alley.

"Where to first, dear?" Her father asked.

"Can I get my wand?" She asked, a little over ambitious. Her mother grinned at her before nodding and leading her to Ollivanders, the wand shop.

She stepped inside to the tingling of bells, her father going off to buy Virginia's books without her, much to her displeasure, her mother staying with her.

"Oh, hello," an older man of a shorter stature said from behind a large pile of boxes. "You must be here for your wand, yes? Ah- Katerina!" Mr. Ollivander greeted Mrs. Harrison like an old friend. "It feels as if it was only yesterday I was giving you your wand! Amazing, how you came from America just for one of my wands? Ten and a half inches of willow, dragon's heartstring, yes? A peculiar combination, I must say. But, one so sweet as yourself has a way to temper to power of a dragon with the bending of the willow yes?"

"Hello, Mr. Ollivander," her mother smiled sweetly, as if greeting an old friend.

"And who is this?"

"This is Virginia, my daughter," Mrs. Harrison said, pushing Virginia forward.

"Ah, I can already see my shop as decided what wands you will try!" Ollivander motioned to the wall, where a few boxes had begun to push themselves forward, trembling to be chosen. "We will try these three." He chose three boxes from very separate parts on the shelf. "These are similar to your parents, the other not so. Which is odd, normally there is some sort of similarity in close lineages of wizards who go back generations. Very peculiar..." He trailed off as he took out a wand, resembling something of her father's wand.

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