Chapter One

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Jax's POV

I take a deep breath as I look at the huge building in front of me. I look on the mirror quickly to make sure I look alright before getting out of my car and going towards the building.

"Excuse me" I say once I get to the front desk.

"Yes? How may I help you?" The lady says looking me up and down with a look of distaste. I know I don't look nearly as good or as professional as everyone else here, but she doesn't have to make her thoughts so obvious.

"I'm here for an interview with Mr. Lee." I say looking everywhere but at her.

"One second please." She says before picking up the phone and calling someone, that I assume is Collin.

While she is talking, I turn away from her and go over in my head everything I am going to say. Even though I've practiced this a thousand times it hasn't stopped me from being nervous. I can't mess this up. I need a job.

"Mr. Lee said that he's ready for you," She says cutting off my thoughts. "Take the elevator up to the eleventh floor and it's the door at the end of the hallways." She then goes back to he computer leaving me with my thoughts.

I walk past her and go to the elevator and press the button. It comes way too fast for my liking and before I know it I'm already at the eleventh floor staring at door at the end of the hall. I start walking before I change my mind and turn around. Once I'm at the door, I take a deep breathe and knock.

"Come in" I hear a deep voice say from inside. I push the door open and walk in before shutting it behind me. "Please have a seat." He says strongly using his hand to point at the seat.

"Ok let's get started," he says staring into my eyes.

I know this is short, but I wanted to upload this story. I promise the other chapter will be longer.

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