Chapter 2 - Living with Guys

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Chapter 2 – Living with Guys


[Aubrey’s POV]

He started licking my neck and I have no idea what to do next in this kind of situation. After one long wet licking, he started to kiss my neck with lust, I can feel his lust. His lips travelled upward until he’s kissing my lips, I haven’t noticed that I’m indeed kissing him back.

I felt his wild tongue asking for entrance and I gave it to him. What am I doing? But I got to admit, his mouth taste good. He really got this long and wild tongue that I couldn’t resist, he played with my tongue using his and it really tastes good.

Then, I realized that his hands are searching for the zipper of my pants and it didn’t take long for him to find it. Why am I not struggling? Maybe I’m enjoying this. Losing my virginity is not a problem to me. Well, I already lost it a year ago by the guy I loved so much who cheated on me. I wanted to rip his throat out but I just can’t. He used me for my popularity after doing it thrice. Yeah, we had sex three times. Amazing huh? Trust me, it’s not.

I thought he was going to be the one, but Mr. Ryan Carter cheated on me with the cheerleading captain. Great. Just plainly great. But I got over him now.

I didn’t realize that my pants are already undone and out. He removed his lips away from mine and moved to my legs. Both of his hands are caressing my legs and me enjoying every minute of it. I got to admit, he plays me so well.

His lips travelled again to my stomach. He then started to remove my panties and started teasing my stomach with kisses. I moaned because every touch of his lips tickles. After a few minutes he then decided to throw away my underwear, not minding about the place where it landed, well, so did I.

I was pretty sure that I already mentioned that he really got a long tongue, right? Well, he slid his long tongue inside me and it just turned hotter and hotter. His two hands were holding both of my thighs thinking it will close, but I think I’ll never do that, not to mention that I’m enjoying his tongue playing inside of me.

He removed his tongue inside me and mumbled something, “You taste so good,” then he continued playing with my area. He really got this lengthy tongue. I’m not kidding nor exaggerating. I mean it. I can really feel all of it inside me, and I know I’m already wet and I think he’s swallowing what I’m just producing.

He was about to remove his pants until we heard someone knocking on the door. His voice is very familiar. Julian’s face was terrified too, what if we got caught? Why did I even do this in the first place? Too late to regret what we did now. “Hey Julian! Open the door!” I was pretty sure that familiar voice hovering outside was from Ash.

Julian also realized that I needed my pants, so he instantly grabbed my underwear and pants then gave it to me. I immediately slid both of the garments then headed for the door. Maybe Ashton is not the typical kind of guy who suspects things, right? I might still have the chance.

“I’m going now,” I told Julian as he gave me a nod. He took his seat on his blue sheeted bed. I unlocked the door and opened it. Ash gave me this curious look. He’s probably wondering what I’m doing inside Julian’s locked room. “Hey, Ash,” I said not wanting to make any eye contact.

“Hey,” he replied whilst I instantly went back to my room. I need to arrange my things first then sleep because tomorrow’s going to be a long day at school.


[Julian’s POV]

“Julian,” said Ash who went inside my room then stood right in front of me. “What happened?”

“Nothing happened, we didn’t do it,” yeah, we didn’t do it. I just slid my tongue into her area and ate her like hell. I didn’t mean to lose control, but Aubrey really makes me hot and wild. I can’t sort of stop myself, I think I want her. I think I want her real bad. Just thinking of how my body would grind against hers makes me horny.

I mean, really horny.

“Chad is really out of his mind for letting her in. I mean, we were sent here by our parents because we got some issues,” Then he sat beside me on my bed. We got issues, he got that part right, we were sent here by our parents because we are considered “sex addicts”. I’m here because back in my old school, I had sex with all the virgins in the school. I like virgins. I like how they react at their first time. I really like it when they bleed very badly.

What sent me here was this girl whose name is Michelle. Her parents caught us having sex in their garage and they immediately called my parents. Then, another call came from the other girl I had sex with, it seemed like she’s not good in taking secrets from her family so she spilled it all out.

My parents dropped me out of my old school and enrolled me in a new one where I’m currently studying at. I couldn’t blame them. It was pretty embarrassing that some unknown parents of a child will just inform you that your son just had sex with their daughter, right? Two girls I had sex with and my mom totally freaked out saying she couldn’t take it anymore.

Two girls and they thought I was a sex addict. But I did not have sex with two girls. I had sex with twenty hot and wild virgins. I sort of rocked their bed.

When I saw Aubrey downstairs, I didn’t like it. I admire her because she’s popular but every time I see her, I get hard, really hard. I went upstairs almost immediately because I think my house mates are going to notice.

She just makes me want to have her every time I see her. But this time was different. I was fantasizing of how great it would be if I was inside her. I was tempted.

I was fine. I was pretty good at controlling myself right now…until she came.

All of us inside this house have their reasons of why they’re here. I know you’re going to find it out one by one, so I think I shouldn’t be the one to tell you. Gabriel is the only one who hasn’t shared his past and the reason why he’s here, so I guess it’s going to be difficult for you to figure it out because even his friends, us, don’t know about it.

“I think I’m going to lose control again,” Ash blurted out. There’s really something about Aubrey. I think every boy wants to get inside her pants.

“Hey, what do you want?”  I asked him.

“I need to borrow your book for Spanish class,”

[Aubrey’s POV]

It’s already morning and I swear I just dreamed of something. I’m wet. I just know it. I dreamed of having sex with someone but I forgot who the hell he is. But I’m pretty sure he’s one of my new house mates. I can’t be wrong. It’s either Julian, whom I just had some scene last night, Ash, Gabriel or Philip.

Another day at school, great, I bathed then changed my clothes. I wore my jeans and white t-shirt. I don’t wear some kind of slutty outfits so don’t even think about that slutty look. My friends admire me for being natural. I just wore some eye-liner and traced a cherry-pink lipstick on my lips.

I always put my hair down so they can see my lengthy brunette hair down to my waist. Everyone admires my long-hair so I think that’s one of the reasons why I’m popular. And no, they’re not extensions.

I guess the boys are still asleep. I always wake up early. I’m kind of an early bird. I don’t want to be late so me, and my friends always arrive an hour earlier before the actual class starts. I grabbed my bag and went outside my new room. I guess Chad is still sleeping too.

I checked the refrigerator to get some apple and once I did, I took a bite out of it. I guess Chad won’t mind. It’s just an apple anyway. I went outside the house. I started walking until I arrived at my school. I walked to the hallways and felt that something just grabbed my hand.

It just pulled me inside the empty, dark room. I need not see his face to know who it is, I know who he is by the way he whispered something to me.

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